Shekinah Jo Rubs Chrissy Lampkin the Wrong Way

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Chrissy Lampkin took issue with Shekinah Jo’s actions in Jamaica.

Love And Hip Hop New York” star Chrissy Lampkin is known for speaking her mind and stepping to anyone she has an issue with. In fact, her biggest feud to date on the show was with Yandy Smith. The two women clashed while Yandy was managing Jim Jones‘ music career. Things got so bad that they nearly came to blows. So when Chrissy made her return to LHHNY, fans figured that this could lead to some explosive moments between them. Luckily, no violence occurred. However, Chrissy let Yandy know she’s still down for brawling if necessary. Although some fans hoped that she and Yandy could at least agree to move on from the past, they couldn’t do so. And Chrissy said that things won’t ever be cordial between them until Yandy can admit her role in their fallout.

Interestingly enough, Chrissy is on the current season of “VH1: Family Reunion.” On the recent episode, Shekinah Jo joined the rest of the cast. After she arrived, she immediately began to speak her mind about the other cast members who had been invited on the trip. However, she rubbed Chrissy the wrong way when she asked Chrissy about Teairra Mari’s legal battle with 50 Cent.

Years ago, Teairra sued 50 Cent for revenge ****. The suit was dismissed and 50 Cent successfully countersued Teairra.

In the scene, Shekinah asked Chrissy, “Has she gave 50 Cent his money yet?”

Chrissy looked extremely irritated. And in her green screen interview, she said, “I’m not for the ********. Shekinah asked me, ‘You think she on paid 50?'” She continued, “***** don’t ask me no **** like that. Revenge ****, I don’t know nothing about that. Eww.”

The moment will likely lead to some future tension between Shekinah and Chrissy in future episodes.

Mama Jones made peace with Chrissy Lampkin.

Chrissy did have a very positive moment on the same episode. Mama Jones made her arrival to Jamaica. And despite years of strife between them, they were able to hash things out.

During their emotional conversation, Chrissy told Mama Jones, “You know what the biggest hurt was for me? My mom passed away as soon as Jimmy came into my life. And I thought that you would be there for me.”

Mama Jones responded, “I don’t know how to actually deal with that cause my mother’s gone so…”

And Chrissy added, “You know what that feels like, you know what that feels like.”

Mama Jones then said, “Yes I do, yes I do. And I can apologize for that one. I know I can be a piece of work.”

In a green screen interview, Chrissy said this is the first time she ever received an apology from Mama Jones. So she knows that Mama Jones has really changed.

“This is a very different Nancy for me. She’s never given me an apology for the things she’s done and the things she’s caused. That was a first.”

At this point, Mama Jones just wants to be a family again.

“I want us to get back together as a family. You know we gotta try somewhere.”

Chrissy is on the same page, “Absolutely. And can I tell you something? I don’t expect you to be an angel. Cause you a piece of work. And you ain’t gon change just for me. Just be a little bit nicer to me. That’s all, that’s all I’m asking.”

After they hugged it out, they also confirmed that they do love each other despite all of the drama.


  1. Shekinah is annoying and I don’t understand her purpose on this show or Love & Hip Hop as a whole. She doesn’t make music, never shares her personal business, and only speaks on everyone else’s business. And I’m glad to see Chrissy and Mama Jones in a better space.

    1. Omg yess she claims she has this and that but you never see her. Promoting them or even talking about them. She says she has a lash line and and a website. Like come on she need to go sit down some. Where. Then she be popping off on her instagram live at people who call her out on her sh-t.

  2. I don’t care for Shekinah. She looks down on all those people but was crying on Instagram when TI looked down on her. She can go if she’s never going to show her real life on the show.

  3. I appreciate that Chrissy doesn’t like it when they bring mess to her and checks it immediately. Shekinah is nothing but a troublemaker who never has an actual storyline. 🙄

  4. Shekinah doesn’t fight but she’ll instigate and make the ones who do get into it while she sits back and plays innocent. Can’t stand her.

  5. Shekinah’s only purpose is to start drama. She is not a real friend to anyone. The closest to being a friend was with Tiny and we saw how that ended. Once Shekinah thought she was as big a star as Tiny, ( or bigger), she bit the hand that set the table for her.

  6. I was so upset seeing Shekinah! Like ugh leave her annoying behind where she was at! It’s almost making me not want to watch, since she is now a part of the cast!

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