Chrissy Lampkin Wants All the Smoke with Shekinah Jo

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Shekinah Jo rubbed Chrissy Lampkin the wrong way on “VH1: Family Reunion.”

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” star Shekinah Jo speaks her mind often and at times it leads to drama on and off of the show. In fact, Shekinah’s commitment to always speaking her mind doesn’t sit well with everyone. In fact, some fans of the show as well as cast members have been critical. They feel like Shekinah’s point on the show is to discuss everyone else’s business while she keeps hers private. And they don’t think it’s fair at all. Regardless, Shekinah doesn’t seem to care who she rubs the wrong way. However, her actions end up irritating Chrissy Lampkin on the current season of “VH1: Family Reunion.”

As we reported, Shekinah had some questions during Teairra Mari’s performance. She was sitting next to Chrissy at the time. So she asked Chrissy if she knew whether or not Teairra paid the money she owes 50 Cent. Her lawsuit against him was dismissed. However, his counter-lawsuit against her was held up in court and she owes him money. The whole situation came out after Teairra accused him of reposting revenge **** involving a man she used to mess around with.

Well, Chrissy didn’t like Shekinah’s question. In a green screen interview, Chrissy said it was weird for Shekinah to even ask her something like that. And she doesn’t want Shekinah bringing any mess her way.

Chrissy Lampkin won’t be backing down.

Interestingly enough, this issue comes up again on the upcoming episode of “VH1: Family Reunion.”

Apparently, Shekinah’s question made its way back to Teairra.

In a preview of the next episode, Shekinah asks while pointing at Teairra, “Who told this girl while she was performing I asked if she paid 50 Cent check?”

Chrissy then walks up on Shekinah and answers, “I did!”

In response, Shekinah says, “Well, that’s good. I told her too…”

And as Chrissy continues to walk closer to Shekinah, Chrissy says, “You stood up here and asked a question. So I’m answering.”

Considering Shekinah has said she’s completely against fighting and Chrissy has a record of being down for it when she feels disrespected, this situation could go left.

Interestingly enough, Karlie Redd is in search of peace after she “snuck” Mariahlynn.

In the preview, Spice tells Mariahynn, “Mariah, there’s no tension. She’s here and she really wants to apologize to you.”


  1. Shekinah thought Chrissy was one of those other girls she could play with. I’m glad she now understands everyone isn’t with the foolishness.

  2. Chrissy wasn’t about to fight Shekinah. But Shekinah’s actions aren’t any better. She’s too old for her shenanigans as well.

  3. Chrissy has no shame in her game..she stepped up to claim the remarks she made to tierra…she wasn’t looking to fight…but had it come to that, she would’ve mopped the floor with

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