Lyrica Anderson Tries to Run up on Shekinah Jo for Comment About Her Child

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There’s been a lot of drama on “VH1: Family Reunion.”

The current season of “VH1: Family Reunion” isn’t lacking when it comes to drama between cast members. The season kicked off with some drama between Tokyo Vanity and Karlie Redd. After Karlie told Tokyo they had an issue they need to hash out, Tokyo was over it. She pointed out that Karlie had just recently attended her birthday party. Things were good between them so it was shady for Karlie to wait to have an issue once they started filming the spinoff. Tokyo got so fed up that she ended up putting her hands on Karlie. She was then told that she had to leave and her time on the show was over.

Another eventful moment was Karlie’s issue with Mariahlynn. Mariahlynn tried to speak to Karlie once she saw her. However, Karlie refused to speak back. And she said that the problem was Mariahlynn called her messy on social media. So after things popped off with Tokyo, Karlie snuck Mariahlynn. So it’s uncertain if Mariahlynn will be open to moving forward with Karlie once an apology is given.

Shekinah Jo has been irritating her coworkers.

Interestingly enough, Shekinah Jo also found herself in the middle of drama when she filmed for the current season of “VH1: Family Reunion.” While she was sitting next to Chrissy Lampkin, she asked if Teairra Mari ever paid 50 Cent the money she owed from the countersuit he filed against her.

Years ago, Teairra’s lawsuit against 50 and an ex regarding a past revenge **** case was dismissed.

Shekinah’s question did not sit well with Chrissy. In fact, Chrissy felt like Shekinah was being very messy. So she told Teairra what was asked.

On the recent episode, Teairra confronted Shekinah. And this resulted in Shekinah asking the group who went back and told Teairra what she said. Chrissy walked up and said, “I did.” Shekinah went on to say that she asked Teairra the same question, too. So she isn’t fake.

Lyrica Anderson had enough.

Chrissy went back to her seat. She then asked Shekinah why she was yelling. Shekinah answered that she talks loudly because she’s short and wants to make sure she’s heard. It’s at this point that Lyrica Anderson interjected. She said, “You’re loud and annoying.”

Shekinah clapped back, “And who asked you?” Lyrica didn’t back down, “I asked me.”

And Shekinah responded with a jab, “You ain’t got no business talking to me. Go be a mother!” And Lyrica was ready for action, “I can’t hear you from here.”

Lyrica had to be restrained as she attempted to walk up on Shekinah to make things physical between them. As we previously reported, Lyrica and Shekinah started their time in Jamaica on bad terms. Lyrica tried to speak to Shekinah after she arrived. Shekinah wasn’t interested. And she said she didn’t care for Lyrica because she asked her to promote her music on Instagram. Apparently, Shekinah seeing the words “Follow Back” on Lyrica’s Instagram bio made her think that Lyrica herself demanded the follow. So she wasn’t a fan prior to filming the spinoff.


  1. Why is she on the Show? What is Love and Hip Hop about her? She’s loud and annoying and I don’t think many people really like her. She messed up her friendship with Tiny for being messy and talking about her friends husband. She should have kept her mouth shut. No one would know who she is if it wasn’t for Tiny. If she’s on the current season when it comes back on, I’m not watching the show. Don’t know one knows anything about her except she does hair. Who is she dating in the industry? Please remove her from the show. To tell another woman to go and be a Mother, she is a Mother.. Her son is with his DAD as they share custody and they co parent really well!!

    1. Shekanna Jo does NOT have any BIOLOGICAL kids,she does have a GOD SON,..She made it clear several times that after 2 abortions she does not want kids!! BUT she still MESSy.

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