Watch: VH1 Releases ‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ Season 4 Supertrailer

VH1 dropped the season 4 supertrailer for “Black Ink Crew Chicago” and quite a few things happened in the trailer.

Ryan left everyone behind after the drama that went down last season. As everyone else arrived at what used to be 9 Mag, they saw the place totally trashed, even Van’s booth.

In a confrontation on the lakefront, Ryan tells Van he trashed everything as he moved out of the shop, taking all 9Mag signage with him.

This leads Van to get everyone else to start a shop under another name, Loyalty Tattoos. This makes them enemies with Ryan as he re-opens 9Mag at another location with new artists.

But as Van tries his hardest to get the new shop in line, a whole bunch of drama unfolds.

As reported earlier, Don and Ashley fall out. But what’s new is that Ashley confronts the woman Don cheated with, confirming he got her pregnant.

Danielle has relationship drama of her own has her boyfriend did something shady too.

Speaking of Danielle, she and Charmaine had run-ins with Lily. We reported they had one altercation at Phor’s birthday party. But their confrontation got violent. Danielle and Lily came to blows in the shop too. Apparently, their clashes had plenty to do with the sensitive topic of race.

We’ll finally see how all of this unfolds as season 4 of “Black Ink Crew Chicago” premieres May 30th at 9 PM EST.

In the meantime, check out the trailer below.

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