Past Tweets Hinted at ‘Insecure’ Star DomiNque Perry’s Relationship Drama

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Earlier this week, “Insecure” star DomiNque Perry became a hot topic on the blogs after it was revealed that she had a baby with fellow cast member Sarunas Jackson.

Perry portrayed Tasha on the hit show, while Jackson portrays Dro.

And things got even more scandalous after a woman came out and claimed she was actually dating Sarunas and had no idea he had a baby on the way.

Now it appears DomiNque may have hinted at her relationship drama on Twitter months ago.

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  1. Sis has low self esteem. And anyone who still wants to be a ride or die chick in 2018 is asking to be disappointed every single time.

  2. I feel bad for her but I’m starting to understand why she got played and continues to get played. She should take a break from dating and focus on her daughter and dealing with her low self esteem.

  3. That ride or die sh-t is propaganda that only naive women believe in. Now if she was to treat a man the way they have treated her, they would be out the door in no time. Pay attention to red flags and don’t stick around after you see them. I guarantee a man won’t.

  4. No one has stuck around long enough? Sorry but she sounds like she has low self esteem. She doesn’t need to date at all until she gets her mind right. Men can sense when a woman has low self esteem and they will take full advantage too. When you learn to love yourself, you stop attracting trash.

  5. She’s too pretty to be so desperate. I hope she learns from this but some women have to learn the hard way many times before they get it.

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