Watch: Gizelle Bryant Reaches Her Breaking Point with Sherman Douglas

Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Real Housewives of Potomac” star Gizelle Bryant’s happy romance with her boyfriend Sherman Douglas appears to be coming to an end.

On the upcoming episode, it seems as if he even stands her up for a double date with Juan and Robyn Dixon.

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  1. I hope Gizelle has moved on from Sherman because he gave her many signs that he didn’t want to be around anymore. I get that she likes him but you shouldn’t have to chase down anyone.

  2. I don’t buy that he went ghost on her because of the media. He had to know that came with being with her because she’s on TV. He knew that and dated her anyway. I think the issue is something else.

  3. Sherman got Gizelle out here looking like a fool he just not that into her and she the only one that doesn’t see it.

  4. She is a #1 gold digger. I hate women that look at what a man makes and what he drives as to if they want to date him. She said on national tv that he broke down all the walls. Who does that? U have children. If he didn’t have money u wouldn’t b dating him. Look at him.

  5. Yeah I believe he saw her for who she is which is a golddiggin messy boots. She said it on TV that a man has to have millions to be with her. Not to mention she has no filter about telling her personal business about them and she has 3 girls that alone will make a man question is he really ready for a commitment. This woman is too pretty to have men who cheat and fall back from her so that means its something going on personality wise that men just can’t deal with. Even her ex ended up with a woman far different than her, I believe he is dating “tweet” they actually looks good together.

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