RHOP Recap: Monique Spills Tea on Sherman + Ashley & Michael Revamp Their Prenup

Ashley and Michael are revamping their prenup.

Michael and Ashley are in a better place now that she’s taken a breather from supporting her mother financially.

Now they must redo their prenup. She wants to show that she believes in their marriage and she didn’t go back to Michael for money.

Robyn and Monique plan to have events on the same day.

Gizelle goes in for a procedure in which her blood is drawn and then used as a manicure for her face.

Robyn comes to show support.

They also talk about her upcoming birthday party. Gizelle says she liked Candiace but she started coming for her for no reason. So she won’t be invited.

Sherman is in hot water with Gizelle so she’s not sure he will be coming either. They have been together for a year and a half and Sherman has been acting distant lately.

It’s all because of the attention he’s been getting from the media. He’s not feeling the fact that his relationship from Gizelle is being reported on.

“I hate that this is happening around my birthday.” – Gizelle

Monique and her mother Jenny go shopping for an upcoming black tie gala she will be attending.

Since Monique has been so stressed out lately, she’s glad to have her mother around. In a green screen interview she says her mother and father divorced a little over ten years ago.

They are later joined by Monique’s friend GiGi. She’s known GiGi since she moved to the DC area about fifteen year ago.

When offered some champagne by the salesperson Joe, Monique happily takes up the offer.

Back at Gizelle’s appointment, Robyn and Gizelle discuss her women empowerment event.

Monique tries on a $4000 dress and explains the gala she’s attending is to raise money for children with a growth hormone deficiency.

Turns out that Monique and Robyn’s event will be on the same day.

Neither plans on inviting the other.

“You know what, I’m just inviting my classy friends.” – Monique

Candiace is trying to expand her hair business.

Candiace’s mother is back over to visit.

Her mother Dorothy is looking up salon suites for Candiace. Candiace wants to turn a salon into a storefront for her hair line.

Dorothy tells Candiace she will have to work harder than she does currently and get up earlier than 7am to make things take off. In a green screen interview, Candiace says she just wants to prove herself to her mother.

Michael and Ashley have some tension while revamping their prenup.

Ashley pays Michael a visit at his office.

She feels they are getting back to their lovey-dovey selves and she asks Michael if he withheld s-x from her in the past out of spite. He changes the subject.

They then discuss the prenup and Ashley says she has no problem signing it.

The original terms of the prenup stated If she stays in the marriage longer than three years before they split, she will get half. If not, she gets a lump sum instead.

They decide to change the three years into five years.

The last thing she wants is for Michael is to think they are back together because she wants his money.

When Ashley asks if they can agree on a timeframe for her to get a lump sum if they split before the five years, Michael gets irritated and says they did not agree to that change. He also accuses her of using the Bravo cameras to negotiate.

“We’re not having this discussion on camera, babe. This is a privileged and confidential document. You can’t do that…I would never use being on camera to negotiate with you in that way. That’s just wrong. We’re not playing a game here. It’s a serious document.” – Michael

Ashley says that since she’s singing a serious document, it’s important that she has clarity. Michael says it’s important that he knows for sure they are together for the right reasons.

He admits that he has wondered if Ashley is just with him because of his money. But he also recognizes that she has shown him multiple times that she’s not.

Since she wants to stay with Michael and prove her love, she’s committed to signing the amended prenup.

Michael signs it as well.

The ladies meet up for Gizelle’s birthday.

With it just being the ladies, Ashley says it’s odd that Sherman isn’t there.

She immediately makes Robyn and Monique speak. Their exchange is very cold.

Everyone notices that Candiace is not there and Gizelle says she wasn’t invited.

Back at Candiace’s place, she’s relieved her mother has left. The wedding planner says that it will cost $18,000 to serve food at the wedding.

She’s annoyed but Chris fixes her a drink to relax her.

Candiace mentions that it’s Gizelle’s birthday but she’s not upset that she’s not at the get together.

Back at Gizelle’s birthday shindig, Gizelle says she’s shocked Charrisse won’t be going to Robyn’s event. But Charrisse says she agreed to go to Monique’s event first.

Charrisse tries to explain herself further but Robyn decides to get up and leave claiming that she has somewhere else to be.

In a green screen interview, Robyn says she’s known Charrisse the longest, so it’s weird to be pushed back for Charrisse’s younger friendship with Monique.

Karen realizes she told Robyn she would attend her event but she really plans to attend Monique’s instead.

After Gizelle’s hair stylist Kal arrives, they blow out the candles on Gizelle’s cake.

At this point, everyone starts questioning why Sherman is not there.

“Where’s Sherman?” – Monique

Gizelle is still hoping Sherman will show up the last-minute but she’s doubtful it will happen.

Robyn sees the dents in her friendship with Karen.

Robyn meets up with Candiace and Karen at a restaurant.

Candiace and Robyn chat a little as they wait for Karen. In a green screen interview Robyn says she likes Candiace and thinks she’s funny. She enjoys hanging around her.

They discuss Robyn’s women empowerment event and Candiace says she’s going.

Karen however told Robyn she would be attending but later said she has to check her calendar first. This has irritated Robyn but she plans to get an explanation from Karen.

Not too long after, Karen arrives.

She asks Robyn how she and Juan are doing. Robyn says they are doing great.

Karen says she accidentally told Robyn she was going to her event and blames it on Siri. She claims she told Monique she was going to her black tie event first.

Robyn is upset because she’s been working on her event for months, while Monique “just bought some tickets” to attend hers.

In a green screen interview, Robyn says she always tries to go to Karen’s events. So she feels slighted that Karen doesn’t try to support her. She’s also feeling like their friendship is one-sided.

She also reminds Karen that she has changed her schedule to attend events for other people. Now that it’s not being reciprocated, she’s frustrated.

“Karen, I’ve been to her charity gala in the middle of her living room. I’ve been to her scentless event. I went to her press conference with no press. I listened to her yap on the phone for three hours before the Washington Post article came out. And this is how she treats a friend?” – Robyn

On the way out, she refuses to hug Karen.

Monique spills some tea on Sherman.

Ashley, Michael, Monique and Chris go bowling.

In a green screen interview, Ashley says she hopes she and Monique will be able to go back to a better place friendship wise.

Michael is a pretty good bowler, while Ashley struggles.

In a green screen interview, Ashley says she’s in a great place with Michael and has been texting hm naughty photos.

Monique struggles to bowl but Chris enjoys himself.

The couples have some small talk. Ashley says she’s ready for babies and Michael surprisingly says he thinks he’s ready too. He then says that he’s just in a good mood from his successful bowling. This annoys Ashley but she’s still hopeful babies are in their future.

After they wrap up bowling, Monique asks Ashley if she’s going to her black tie event. But Ashley says she’s going to Robyn’s event.

While Monique is disappointed and feels Ashley should attend her event so they can work on their friendship, she respects Ashley’s ability to stay true to her word to Robyn.

They then discuss Sherman’s absence at Gizelle’s birthday get together.

Monique then says she knows Sherman’s ex wife and was told that Sherman was arrested.

“I know his ex-wife through Charrisse. And she told me that he got arrested. He was creeping. In the park. After dark. He had a girl. She was performing a job. The police came and tapped on the window. And he got arrested. So that’s how his wife found out, I guess, that he was cheating on her. This was years ago.” – Monique

In a green screen interview, both Monique and Charrisse talk about knowing Sherman’s ex wife Kyndall. Charrisse has known her for about 18 years because Sherman played for her ex husband. They have been friends for years and hang out a lot. That is how Gizelle knows Kyndall.

“She consistently finds men who like to cheat.” – Monique

Gizelle has reached her breaking point with Sherman.

Robyn and Juan are in the kitchen cooking for a double date with Gizelle and Sherman.

But when she arrives, she comes alone.

When Juan asks what happened to Sherman, Gizelle express that she’s reached her breaking point.

She tells him it’s officially a wrap.

“Sherman and I have huge communication issues.” – Gizelle

Gizelle says they both agreed to go to counseling as a couple but then Sherman said he needed to figure out if they even need to be together.

She feels like Sherman didn’t even try to meet her halfway.

So she just wants to move on and have more patience for the next man.

But Juan says she’s being too prideful because she loves Sherman.

However, Gizelle is not hearing this.

“I want what I give.” – Gizelle

She is convinced it’s time to move on from Sherman completely.

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  1. I just don’t think Ashley and Michael are going to last. He’s too controlling and treats her like a sugar baby (she is though but js).

    1. Well she is a sugar baby. She married an older man who takes care of her and her mother. if he wants more independence, she needs to get her own coins up. Otherwise, this is how it’s going to be. I will say he treats her more like a child than a wife.

  2. Yeah their relationship is like business partners rather than husband and wife or lovers. She difenetly sticking it out to be able to get half his cash. I can’t even believe he agreed to that. Maybe half means half of the restaurant because he doesn’t come off to be a stupid man, no way he giving up half of his money for a 5 yr marriage with no kids.

  3. Hmm, Monique was just crying about Ashley going around telling everyone she had drinks before she crashed but she didn’t mind telling Ashley all of Sherman’s business. This is why I don’t buy into her victim act.

  4. Chile these women need to stay away from these athletes. Only about 2% of them are worth the time. Most cheat even in old age. Gizelle would do better getting herself a wealthy business man.

  5. Poor Gizelle. I didn’t find it strange that a man wouldn’t be there for a party with all females, none of them brought men, so why he gotta suffer. He could have something more intimate planned for later. We all know he didn’t but that’s how I would have taken it had I walked in without a date and saw all women.

  6. I think this episode showed how much a hypocrite Monique is. She said everyone is out to ruin her reputation but look how she did Sherman. Ashley and Michael still have unresolved issues. Changing the prenup won’t fix things. And Gizelle needs to change up her dating pool.

  7. I’m still lost at how Candiace got on this show. Every week I watch thinking it may make sense but it still hasn’t.

  8. Michael doesn’t want to have kids with Ashley. He doesn’t trust her and no prenup can change that.

  9. Did Robyn really expect Karen to go to her event after she after she went around telling all her tax business? If you’re supposed to be my friend but turn around and repeat our three hour phone conversation to people I don’t f-ck with, you’re not really my friend. Karen made the right choice. At least Monique is actually loyal to Karen.

  10. I felt really bad for Gizelle. She was genuinely in love with Sherman. It was totally wrong for him to date her for a yr and a half and then change up. Especially when she involved her daughters.. she thought they were headed to marriage. I know she was heartbroken. Poor dear.

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