RHOP Recap: Sherman’s Ex Wife Kyndall Calls out Gizelle + Michael Delivers a Low Blow

Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

On last night’s episode of “Real Housewives of Potomac,” Sherman’s ex-wife makes her way inside the group.

When Gizelle learns that Karen is pulling the strings, she plans to confront Karen at her charity event.

Michael finally gets real and explains why he’s not confident abut having kids with Ashley. She feels slighted when her upbringing is one of his concerns.

And Charrisse begins to feel uneasy about Monique befriending all of her friends.

Here’s a recap for “Ex’s and Oh No’s.”

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  1. Kyndall makes no sense. She and Gizelle are not friends. So why on earth would Gizelle need to call her and make sure she’s okay with her dating Sherman? This woman just wants to be on TV.

    1. Kyndall is really like she speaks to me every time we are out in public! All I could do is shake my head and laugh. She’s really reaching to defend why she’s so bothered by Gizelle dating Sherman. Then she had the nerve to say Gizelle should have called her first. I doubt Gizelle even has her number. Kyndall is just being extra because she wants a main spot on RHOP. That’s obvious. I think someone else said she has a boyfriend and everything. She’s being dramatic because she wants a Bravo check like the others. Nothing more nothing less. LOL.

  2. I don’t know how to feel about Michael. I get that Ashley’s mom is a mess but he knew what it was before they got married. If her upbringing was an issue, he should not have married her. But I can admit he’s the only one who keeps it 100 with Ashley about her mother. So I have mixed feelings about him.

  3. It was really messed up for them to bring the ex wife on this show. No one owes her anything. Being cordial doesn’t mean you’re friends.

  4. Yeah having mutual friends doesn’t mean you are friends. I don’t understand how a grown a-s woman in her 40s/50s doesn’t understand that. And I don’t even like Gizelle. And Karen better chill out. She knows damn well she’d be mad as hell if Gizelle brought Blue Eyes on the show as payback. Don’t start something you can’t finish.

  5. Kyndall is thirsty to be on this show and very delusional to think a woman she is not friends with owes her anything. I am not here for her and hope they don’t make her a regular.

  6. I’m trying to understand why anyone needs to put wine in their purse to get a damn pedicure. How does Monique not see that she has a whole drinking problem?

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