‘Claws’ Recap: Jenn Clashes with Her Mother + Dean & Virginia Take Things to the Next Level

Photo Credit: TNT

By: A.J. Niles

On last night’s episode of “Claws,” Jennifer’s mom Brenda comes to town, causing further havoc between Jennifer and Desna. This leads to a full on brawl between Desna, Jennifer and Brenda after Jennifer catches Brenda with Bryce.

Meanwhile, Zlata commands Desna to increase the traffic at the clinic. Desna decides to record a commercial staring Kenneth.

Lastly, after telling Desna about the pregnancy, Virginia decides to get an abortion and Dean proposes.

Here is the recap for, “Cracker Casserole.”

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  1. I was a little confused by that exchange between Zlata and Roller. Was she merely making an idle observation about his relationship with Desna? Or was there a specific point to her line questioning?

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