Charrisse Jordan Slams Monique Samuels & Kyndall Douglas

Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The current season of “Real Housewives of Potomac” is testing a lot of friendships.

Monique Samuels and Charrisse Jordan were pretty close last season, but now both feel used.

And they explain why in their recent Bravo blogs.

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  1. I don’t understand why Charrisse is surprised. Monique is thirsty for fame. Did she really think Mo wanted a genuine friendship with her? Mo has like one or two real girlfriends. She mainly spends her time with family. She is just playing the game so she can get some clout and more opportunities. I look at her and see another Porsha. She’s a young and pretty opportunist who saw a professional athlete as the ultimate come up. She’s so thirsty she told her brother to start her fan page. Charrisse should have have known better.

  2. Oh Charrisse please! The purpose of introducing your friends to each other is so they can connect and possibly become friends too! She is too old to be so immature. She needs to stop letting Gizelle and Robyn get in her head. And Monique is right. She was Charrisse’s only friend last season. How quickly she forgot!

  3. I’m kind of surprised that this is the reason Charrisse and Monique stopped being friends. I thought the reason would be way more scandalous. I do think Monique’s ultimate goal is to be the face of the show like NeNe Leakes. That’s the real reason she doesn’t care for Gizelle.

  4. Okay so Monique is only cool with Karen and Candiace now. Sis needs to understand how to play this housewives game. Pretty soon, she won’t be cool with anyone and won’t be on the show anymore.

  5. It’s pretty obvious imo that Monique is just trying to take down Gizelle. Kyndall is being used by Monique and Karen to do just that. It’s not going to work though. LOL.

  6. I actually loved Charrisse and Mo’s friendship. I hope they can be friends again but in order for that to happen, Charrisse would have to get over herself and I don’t see that ever happening. Any sane and mature grown woman would want her friends to be friends.

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