GUHH Recap: Boogie Goes to Rehab + Briana & Kristinia Almost Come to Blows, Again

Photo Credit: WE tv

By: A.J. Niles

On last night’s “Growing Up Hip Hop,” Boogie arrived to the intervention, and he was not happy. Although he and Dame clashed at the intervention, Boogie reluctantly agreed to go to rehab to stay on the show.

Meanwhile, Pepa, Egypt and Tee Tee felt insulted they weren’t invited to the intervention, but Kristinia was. And speaking of Kristinia, amidst the intervention, Briana and Kristinia had another altercation.

Lastly, Angela and Vanessa argue about Angela not working on their mommy blog.

Here is the recap for, “No More Boogie Nights.”

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  1. You know I really get where Boogie is coming from. Dame is such a douche bag to him. He believes that tough love stuff works but it doesn’t. It just pushes your kids away and makes them not trust you. Dame needs to drop the ego and form a real and actual healthy relationship with Boogie.

    1. Agreed. Dame is always on 10. Then he also loves to lecture people all day long and has a nasty attitude. It’s annoying so I know Boogie is just about over him.

    2. Dame is a douche bag to everybody. That’s why I can’t take people seriously when they bash Jay for cutting him off. Dude’s a d-ck.

  2. I really appreciate that Kristinia is not afraid of Briana. Briana is one of those people that gets off on intimidating people. But she didn’t think that it would be little shy Kristinia to stand up to her. I love that.

  3. Brianna is a miserable soul! she has no friends nobody wants to film with her, Kristinia was the only one who genuinely gave her a chance and I think Brianna is really messed up over the fact that she no longer mess around like that. You really have to practice patience with women like her they get under your skin they test your patience. That’s why most just seem to stay clear of her. It was almost comical to see that she had this crush on Romeo like she even had a chance in hell to be with him. Lmao

  4. Briana is not going to stop until someone clocks her right in the face. She’s right, she’s just like Dame Dash. Very aggressive and rude all the time for no reason.

  5. They shouldnt sleep on the Debarges. According to unsung they grew up fighting with people to defend themselves all the time and had a hard life. Christinia is probably no different

  6. The thing about rehab is it won’t work unless the addict actually wants help. Dame telling Boogie he can’t do the show unless he goes to rehab wasn’t a smart move. You can’t force someone to get help and expect it to be successful. It won’t be.

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