GUHH Recap: Boogie Goes to Rehab + Briana & Kristinia Almost Come to Blows, Again

The episode begins with Boogie’s intervention.

The episode continues with Boogie’s intervention. Dame is adamant that if Boogie won’t go to rehab, he nor Boogie will be on the show anymore.

Briana walked Boogie into the facility and she’s nervous that this will go wrong. As they walk in, Boogie realizes what is happening and he isn’t entirely here for it. Boogie and Dame give each other a lifeless hug.

Dame begins the intervention and Boogie doesn’t respect what he has to say.

“I’m sober right now.” – Boogie

Kristinia says that she’s inspired by Boogie. She felt Boogie was a go-getter when they first met.

Dame’s girlfriend brings up flashbacks of things that happened when Boogie was drunk and high. This also includes hanging out of a 5-story window. But Boogie scoffs at this.

“I think this is all bull****. F*** this!” – Boogie

Briana tries to say that she doesn’t want to lose him and Kristinia cuts her off, bringing up her father’s addiction. This irks Briana, who emphasizes she did not invite Kristinia.

In Orlando, Angela and Romeo are in their hotel room. They are looking at their Instagram comments as they eating McDonald’s. During their conversation, Romeo reluctantly accepts that the two of them are just friends.

Boogie walks out after Dame threatens him to go to rehab.

Back at the intervention, Boogie and Dame have a conversation. He tells Boogie that he’s going to rehab or they aren’t doing the show. Dame then kicks the cameras out the room. When the cameras leave, Boogie admits he has a drug addiction. But he still feels that he can kick the habit.

Dame emphasizes that they are done with the show if rehab doesn’t happen.

Eventually, Boogie walked away from the intervention, and Briana ran behind him.

“I bet he’s high right now. His eyes are big and his face looks swollen.” – Dame

Outside, Boogie’s furious, going off on production and Briana. He’s tells everyone that they were wrong to set this intervention up for the cameras.

“If they want to be there for me, then be there for me.” – Boogie

It’s also believed by Boogie that this is only happening for TV and no one really cares about him, especially Dame.

Boogie starts calling people to pick him up. This tips off one of the therapists to possible suicidal threats. This word gets back to Dame, who immediately gets worried.

Meanwhile, Egypt and Tee Tee are looking at Romeo’s Instagram account. Tee Tee’s salty that Romeo was courtside with Angela. Pepa comes downstairs, and vents about what happened at Briana’s releasing ceremony. Pepa also says that Briana better not ever come for Egypt.

Boogie agrees to go to rehab, Briana and Kristinia clash.

Back at the hotel, one of the therapists are talking to Boogie and Boogie tells them he’s willing to go to the treatment facility. The therapist brings Briana over to take him to the facility. But Dame comes over and tells him he needs to go or be taken in by authorities. Briana’s therapist friend tells Dame he’s going, and Dame accepts this.

Briana didn’t realize that the relationship between Boogie and Dame is as is. She also says she sees herself in Dame, and understands Boogie’s sensitivity.

Just as things seems to be ending on a high note, Kristinia and Briana have an altercation. Apparently, Kristinia tried to acknowledge Briana, and Briana mistook it as shade. The two ended up having a shouting match and Adonis appeared, putting his hands on Briana, trying to separate her from Kristinia.

This only aggravates Kristinia and they had to be separated by the therapists. Eventually, they get Briana in the car with Boogie and they head to the facility. Kristina tells everyone that “she’s done” with Briana.

The next day, Romeo is working out with his friends, and they mention how he looked with Angela. Romeo says he learned that Angela is single and wanted to turn things up. However, they also bring up how Tee Tee’s been flirting with him.

Speaking of Tee Tee, she and Egypt meet up with Kristinia to recap what happened at the intervention. They wished Briana and Kristinia were able to put their differences aside. Kristinia shocks the ladies when she tells them that she and Briana almost got into it.

“The next time I see her, I’ll probably put my hands on her.” – Kristinia

Angela and Vanessa argue over Angela walking away from their business deal.

Angela is nervous about her meeting with Vanessa. She tells Angela they can’t do their mommy blog venture together because of the Coogi non-compete. This news blindsides Vanessa, who feels betrayed. Angela says that if she works with Vanessa, Coogi will walk away. Vanessa brings up how Angela didn’t show up to her NYFW show. But Angela says she was in a potentially “life-changing” meeting that ran long.

“She’s standing me up once again. I may as well do the mom blog by myself.” – Vanessa

Eventually, Angela walks out of the meeting angry, leaving nothing resolved.

Egypt, Papa & Tee Tee feel some type of way about not being invited to Boogie’s intervention.

Pepa is at home cooking with ingredients Egypt and Tee Tee purchased. The mood changes when they tell Pepa how they weren’t invited to Boogie’s intervention. This offends and hurts Pepa. Tee Tee tells Pepa that she was the one that got into it with Dame. She also says that Pepa and Dame need to have a talk. As Tee Tee explains Dame’s concerns, Pepa brushes it off.

This conversation makes Egypt uncomfortable hearing this.

Jojo and Vanessa are hanging out on the beach. Vanessa vents to Jojo how her conversation with Angela went. Jojo tells Vanessa they always have a back and forth.

He also thinks the non-compete clause is silly.

“She can’t compete with herself?” – Jojo

He also tells Vanessa they need to have a sit-down and hash all of this out. Vanessa is at her wit’s end with Angela, and Jojo says she’s at her wit’s end of not getting support from Angela.

Surprisingly, Tee Tee receives a text from Romeo, asking to hang out. She asks about Angela, and he tells Tee Tee that they are just friends.

Tee Tee laughs at this text.

It’s revealed Boogie’s trigger to use drugs is Dame himself.

At the rehab facility, Boogie has a sit-down with one of the counselors. He reveals that liquor, lean, weed and Xanax are his drugs of choice. Boogie says that the stress of the DUI and his relationship with Dame influenced his drug spiral.

When asked about his relationship with Dame, Boogie calls it an employer-employee relationship. He’s also angry with how the intervention went down. Boogie also talked about Dame said he needs rehab, when Boogie came out of the hospital. But, he said he wasn’t going to pay $60,000 for it.

Overall, Boogie’s angry for being kicked out of the house this last time, and then running to Briana and others about the drug use.

Lastly, he calls his relationship with Dame very strained. The counselor says the resentment Boogie feels towards Dame is his trigger, and he should work with Dame on this.

What did you think of the episode?

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  1. You know I really get where Boogie is coming from. Dame is such a douche bag to him. He believes that tough love stuff works but it doesn’t. It just pushes your kids away and makes them not trust you. Dame needs to drop the ego and form a real and actual healthy relationship with Boogie.

    1. Agreed. Dame is always on 10. Then he also loves to lecture people all day long and has a nasty attitude. It’s annoying so I know Boogie is just about over him.

    2. Dame is a douche bag to everybody. That’s why I can’t take people seriously when they bash Jay for cutting him off. Dude’s a d-ck.

  2. I really appreciate that Kristinia is not afraid of Briana. Briana is one of those people that gets off on intimidating people. But she didn’t think that it would be little shy Kristinia to stand up to her. I love that.

  3. Brianna is a miserable soul! she has no friends nobody wants to film with her, Kristinia was the only one who genuinely gave her a chance and I think Brianna is really messed up over the fact that she no longer mess around like that. You really have to practice patience with women like her they get under your skin they test your patience. That’s why most just seem to stay clear of her. It was almost comical to see that she had this crush on Romeo like she even had a chance in hell to be with him. Lmao

  4. Briana is not going to stop until someone clocks her right in the face. She’s right, she’s just like Dame Dash. Very aggressive and rude all the time for no reason.

  5. They shouldnt sleep on the Debarges. According to unsung they grew up fighting with people to defend themselves all the time and had a hard life. Christinia is probably no different

  6. The thing about rehab is it won’t work unless the addict actually wants help. Dame telling Boogie he can’t do the show unless he goes to rehab wasn’t a smart move. You can’t force someone to get help and expect it to be successful. It won’t be.

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