‘Power’ Recap: Angela Covers Her Tracks + Teresi’s True Intentions for Tommy Are Revealed

The police department begins to put the pressure on Tariq.

Ghost is washing his face after killing the drunk driver who killed Luke. He’s still a bit in shock by his actions. Ghost even imagines his hands still covered in blood. 

He gets a phone call from the front desk of his penthouse. He is informed that a police officer is there to see him. Ghost asks that the officer be sent up. 

It is Detective Leary. 

He tells Tasha and Ghost that they have been getting leads about Raina’s death thanks to the public tip line. He asks if he can talk to Raina. 

After Tariq comes out, Detective Leary tells him that someone said they saw Raina exit the school building behind Tariq. Apparently Tariq originally told the officers that he left the building to follow Raina. 

“The night Raina got killed, someone said they saw you run out of the building and and your sister followed you. Now that’s different from your statement where you said you went out after your sister. I was just hoping you could clear that up for me.” – Detective Leary 

“I guess I did go back outside…but I came back in. Maybe whoever saw me go out didn’t see me come back in.” – Tariq 

“Can you tell me why you went outside the first time?” – Detective Leary 

“I – I really don’t remember.” – Tariq

At this point, Tasha tells the detective that Tariq has to finish getting ready for school so he won’t be late. 

Detective Leary says they can talk another time and assures the family he will solve the case. Ghost leaves out with Leary. 

When they are left alone, Tasha asks Tariq if he saw Ray Ray kill Raina. Tariq lies and swears he didn’t. 

Tommy questions Ghost. 

Back at Tommy’s place over a game of pool, Ghost asks Kanan if Tariq told him how he knew Ray Ray was looking for him. Kanan says he didn’t and he only asked Kanan if he knew where Ray Ray could be found. 

Ghost then asks if Tariq has been in contact with Kanan since, and he says no. 

Tommy then asks what’s up with all the questions. Ghost then confirms that Detective Leary came by the house earlier. 

He explains that he and Tasha got tricked into doing a press conference by Councilman Tate. And now there’s a reward to and Raina’s killer. 

“I got a question for you. Why you can’t stay off the f*cking TV? I mean you do understand the concept of being a criminal, right, Ghost?” – Tommy 

“Tommy, I’m just trying to build something for my daughter, man. Something to honor her.” – Ghost

Ghost then asks Tommy if the “situation” has been handled. Tommy says that the body and gun is gone. Viewers can assume Ghost is asking about Ray Ray. 

Blanca gets another important piece of information that leads back to Angela.

Back at the NYPD, Blanca is talking to Leary about Ray Ray’s death. She tells him she’s doing the investigating. 

She tells him she discovered Ray Ray accessed Tariq’s witness statement for Raina’s death before he was killed. 

Leary says he had no idea but Ray Ray has come up in his investigation as well. 

He tells her that Ray Ray visited Tariq in school but Tariq happened to cut school that day. So he was only able to talk to Raina. 

“So my dead cop talked to your dead girl day before they were both killed?” – Blanca

Leary then says that he was also told that a federal prosecutor by the name of Angela Valdes came by the school the day after Raina was shot asking about Ray Ray. 

“Why would a fed be interested in this case?” – Leary 

“I don’t know. But I’ll find out.” – Blanca

Meanwhile, Angela is starting to piece more things together about the Jimenez. 

Angela still can’t figure out who Alicia is to Diego.

She’s still not sure who Alicia is and isn’t sure of her connection to Diego. But she figured out that they stole a baby from the crime scene of the Cruz couple’s deaths. 

With them now having a Jimenez calling card and proof that the gold gun belongs to Diego, Angela feels the feds should make a move and get warrants. 

But Tameika tells that she’s moving way too fast. 

She tells Angela they will talk about this more later. 

“Tameika, arresting the Jimenez should be this office’s top priority.” – Angela 

Angela is left confused and disappointed. 

“Killing the Jimenez should be our top priority.” – Tommy 

Tommy is trying to convince Ghost that they focus more on the Jimenez, and less on Dre. Ghost doesn’t agree though. 

“No, I’d rather shoot Dre in the face.” – Ghost

Tommy tells them that they can’t just keep following Dre around without him catching on. 

Kanan then says he’s been following Dre and he knows Dre fell out with 2 Bit. 

He believes he can get 2 Bit to turn on Dre and get information on when and where Dre will meet the Jimenez. 

Tommy says 2 Bit could end up setting Kanan up and killing him. But Kanan says he knows it won’t go down that way because he’s too connected. 

Ghost tells them to keep him in the loop and begins to prepare to leave. 

Tommy pulls Ghost to the side and asks if they can go back to using Club Truth to clean Tommy’s money. 

Kanan is eavesdropping and Ghost says he can’t do that again because he’s trying to get out of the business completely. 

He tells Tommy they must cut the conversation short because Ghost has to meet with a potential investor for Raina’s building. 

After Ghost leaves, Kanan makes his move. 

“You know, after Dre dead, he ain’t got no skin in the game…let me in on that product.” – Kanan

He promises he can help Tommy move Jason’s product faster. 

But Tommy says he’s been doing fine with the Italians. Tommy says the only way he will consider this is if Kanan pays the money upfront. 

Dre gets a surprise visit from Diego after calling a meeting with Cristobal and the rest of his crew. 

He tells everyone that Arturo is now leading the Toros and he says that Arturo was the one who killed Lorenzo. Spanky and 2 Bit get irritated by this. 

Diego tells Arturo that there are Toros members who believe Lorenzo did not kill Uriel. Arturo says he will take them out and Diego says he wants to be there to see him do it. 

Not too long after this has been decided, Dre pulls Diego to the side and says it’s not a good idea for them to encourage Arturo to kill anyone else because cops will be alerted. But Diego says he doesn’t care about the police. 

Spanky tells 2 Bit that it’s not cool that Dre is letting Arturo take credit for Lorenzo’s death. Both feel that Dre is doing everything possible to minimize their roll in the organization. 

A potential investor is turned off by Ghost.

Ghost and Tate meet with a potential investor, Linda. They discuss their plans for the future building and Ghost says that he wants to include retail. This is news to Tate and the Linda notices this. 

They tell her they need $12 million to get the ball rolling. 

But Linda says she’s going to pass because the opportunity doesn’t sound like it’s for her. 

After Linda leaves, Tate tries to check Ghost. 

He questions why Ghost brought up retail when they never discussed it. 

Ghost says it’s not a big deal and there will be other investors. But Tate says Linda herself is worth 6 investors. 

Tate tells Ghost to start following his lead so they can be successful. But Ghost reminds Tate that the project is his vision. And Tate is only in on it because Ghost allowed it. 

But Tate tells Ghost what they are doing is much more complex than running a club. And they  must work together to be a success. He tells Ghost that he should take some time off and he will handle the private investors. 

Ghost scoffs at this and says he won’t be taking any time off because it’s his project and Raina is his daughter.

Teresi gets a visit from Saxe and Tate.

They try to talk him into flopping but he tells them he’s already made the choice to flip on Tommy. That’s why he called his attorney and asked for them to file a commutation so they can make a deal. Apparently he’s been only been getting close to Tommy so he could snitch on him and get out of prison. 

Teresi says that Tommy doesn’t suspect a thing and believes Teresi genuinely wants a relationship. 

Blanca stops by to see Angela again. She asks Angela why she accessed Tariq’s witness statement regarding Raina’s death since Ray Ray did the same thing before he died. 

“What’s the connection?”- Blanca

“That’d be a coincidence, not a connection.” – Angela 

Angela says that it’s personal and she knew Raina. She says Ray Ray was likely investigating something before he died, so he accessed the statement.

Blanca then brings up that Angela went to Ray Ray’s flop and house. 

“As I told you before, I’m conducting an investigation. It’s not that I won’t answer your questions, sergeant, it’s that I can’t.” – Angela

Blanca then asks how Ray Ray and Raina are connected. 

Angela then cuts the meeting short. 

After Blanca leaves, Angela sends Tasha a text telling her they need to meet. 

Luke’s vigilante isn’t hard to Tasha to figure out.

Tasha is back at another meeting with the church’s grief group. 

Luke’s father confirms that Luke’s killer was recently found stabbed the death. Tasha tears up as Luke’s parents say that Luke’s killer’s death has done nothing to make them feel any better. Luke’s father also reveals that police are looking at him as a suspect since he’s openly said he wanted Luke’s killer to die.

Remembering that Luke’s father made this comment at the last meeting in which Ghost also attended, she begins to put the pieces together. 

Later, Tasha meets with Angela at a diner. 

Angela tells her that Blanca has been on her back and even made a connection to Raina and Ray Ray. She knows that there’s only one way to stop Blanca; obstruct justice, yet again. 

She feels guilt for doing this again, but Tasha jokes that she’s urging Angela to do this after leaving church. They share a brief laugh. Angela wonders if they should allow Ghost to know what’s been going on, but Tasha says they shouldn’t because Ghost would just mess things up even more. So, Angela vows to stop Blanca and keep Ghost in the dark.

Kanan walks into 2 Bit. They have a brief conversation. Kanan says he’s not cool with Dre because he watched Dre beat Broc to death after he got disrespectful to Tommy. In reality, Kanan beat Broc close to death and forced Dre to shoot him in the head while he was in the trunk of a car. 

2 Bit tells Kanan that he’s not happy with Dre because Dre has taken away his responsibilities as the unofficial second in command. To make matters worse, he demoted 2 Bit and Spanky, making Cristobal the new person in charge at the The Blind Pig club. He also mentions that he feels Dre’s new connect favors Cristobal.

Later, Teresi calls Tommy and says he may be getting out of prison because of some corrupt prosecutor and a lot of cases have been tossed out. 

After they hang out, Tommy seems a little distrusting. Teresi smiles at Mak after he hangs up the phone. 

Tasha confronts Ghost about Luke’s killer being found dead.

Back at the penthouse, Tasha tells Ghost that Luke’s parents confirmed Luke’s killer was stabbed the death recently. 

She questions if Ghost had anything to do with it. He plays coy at first. 

“What is wrong with you? You can’t kill Dre and for some f*cking reason, you refuse to kill Kanan. And now you’re a vigilante? They don’t feel better that he’s dead. Just like we don’t feel better that Ray Ray is dead.” – Tasha 

“Trust me, they will feel better. That motherf*cker can’t hurt anyone again, all right?” – Ghost

“Do you? Do you feel better? You can put a hundred bodies in the ground, Ghost, and not one of them will bring her back.” – Tasha 

But Ghost tells Tasha he had to make at least one thing right. 

 “You don’t get to make that f*cking call.” – Tasha 

Ghost gets outraged at this point. 

“I’ve been making that call since you’ve known me!” – Ghost

But Tasha doesn’t back down. 

“The next time you feel you need to kill somebody so d*mn bad, why don’t you kill Kanan instead?” – Tasha

She storms off.

Angela gets some more info on the Jimenez from Agent Medina. She finds out Alicia’s name. But she still has no idea what her connection is to Diego. 

Instead, she’s looking for Diego’s “brother.” She wants to build a RICO case. 

She is told by Medina that she will be hooked up with Mexico’s AUSA equivalent on the case.

Keisha gets a visit from Tommy.

After they greet each other, she tells Tommy he can’t stay long because she has a friend coming over. When he asks if the friend is a man, Keisha refuses to answer. 

He tells her Teresi is getting out after being sentenced to life but he’s not sure if he can trust him. But Keisha tells Tommy that Teresi may be sincere when he tells Tommy he wants a relationship. 

“Why now? Does he want some sh*t from me or something?” – Tommy 

Keisha tells Tommy to talk to someone that knows Teresi’s situation. 

After the conversation, Tommy tries to kiss Keisha but fails. She tells Tommy that she doesn’t think it’s a good idea to go back to that place with him. Tommy says he made a mistake with how he did her and Keisha says she made a mistake ever developing feelings for him.

Kanan runs into Tasha.

Tasha knocks on Tommy’s door but gets no answer. Kanan appears. 

“Tommy ain’t home?” – Kanan

This causes Tasha to jump and she immediately tries to walk away. But Kanan corners her and tries to initiate a conversation. 

He tells Tasha he’s sorry about Raina but Tasha says he should be sorry for introducing Tariq to Ray Ray and introducing him to the life. Kanan says he saved Tariq’s life twice. 

“You don’t get no motherf*cking points for cleaning up the mess you made.” – Tasha 

Kanan also tells Tasha that Tariq’s life was decided for him when Tasha decided to marry and have children with a drug dealer.

He holds on to her arm hard, making it impossible for Tasha to get free.

“You still look good. I bet you like to fight back. Yeah, you like that.” – Kanan

“If you f*ck with me, you better kill me, n*gga. Cause I swear to God, I will get you back.” – Tasha 

“I believe you.” – Kanan

The elevator dings and Tommy walks towards them. 

“What’s up, y’all?” – Tommy

“I’m just chopping it up about old times.” – Kanan

“F*ck you, Kanan.” – Tasha 

Tasha lets Tommy have it too.

And f*ck you too, for bringing him into our lives. I’m your family, not him.” – Tasha 

She storms off. 

“What the f*ck did you just say to her?” – Tommy

“Nothing, she’s just trippin.” – Kanan

Tommy runs to catch up with Tasha.

When he gets outside, he asks Tasha what happened. She says she just doesn’t want Kanan around. Tommy says Kanan will be out of their lives once Dre is killed. 

She then tells Tommy that Ghost killed someone the other night and it was a drunk driver who killed a teen. 

“No one’s going to miss the guy.” – Tommy 

Tasha explains that’s not the point and he needs to know the Ghost has been acting reckless lately.

Tommy promises to keep an eye on Ghost for Tasha.

“And Tasha, I hear you about Kanan. It won’t be too long.” – Tommy

“It better not be. Or I’ll do something about him myself.” – Tasha

Arturo has Lorenzo’s guys tied up and gagged.

Diego tells him to light them up quickly. He shoots all of them one by one in the head as Diego and Dre look on. Diego gets irritated when some blood splatters on his jacket.

After the men are killed, Diego tells Dre that he needs a strong number two. He wants that to be Cristobal. 

He also warns Dre not to look at Alicia lustfully, or he will kill him. Apparently Alicia has made it clear that she’s attracted to Dre. 

Angela literally runs into a DEA from the DC office. His name is Steve Tampio. He’s the Director of Public Enrichment. 

He says he just met with Medina a few days ago about the Jimenez case. He asks Angela out to dinner and she accepts. 

Tommy meets up with Proctor and asks if he knows anyone who can launder money. Proctor reminds Tommy that his fate as a lawyer is still up in the air. Tommy jokingly reminds him that there’s multiple ways to make money illegally without a law license. 

Right after, Tommy tells Proctor about Teresi. Proctor says it doesn’t appear that Teresi snitched on the Italians. 

He tells Tommy everything looks legit and Teresi may be someone Tommy can trust.

Kanan makes his move.

After leaving the club, Cristobal is on the phone with Dre and tells him they made about $300,000 off their drugs in one night. 

They end the call before Cristobal gets in the car. 

Cristobal is greeted by a masked Kanan in the backseat. Kanan demands Cristobal hands over the money. Two of Kanan’s men grab the money from the back of the car.  Kanan pistol whips him after Cristobal threatens to handle him when he finds out Kanan’s identity. 

Ghost meets Linda for dinner. He once again tries to smooth talk her about his project with Tate. She pretends to be interested and then makes a pass at him after she removes her wedding ring. 

She tells him to meet her upstairs in a hotel room and to bring a bottle of wine with him.

They have a passionate moment right after and Ghost is confident he may have persuaded Linda to invest. 

Angela has dinner with Steve. They hit it off as they talk about their careers. She tells him her first win is going to be catching the Jimenez crew. He’s impressed. 

“Been trying to nail those guys for years.” – Steve

He invites her to his hotel room and says he will be in town for just one more night. But Angela tells him she has to end their date and get ready for an early day at work. 

The next day Angela tells Agent Jerry Donovan that Blanca’s investigation is going too far and to shut her down.

She gets a text from Ghost saying they need to talk. She ignores it. 

Keisha tells Tasha the truth she needs to hear.

Keisha tells Tasha about her conversation with Tommy. She admits she lied about having a male friend coming over. She tries to convince Tasha that she won’t ever sleep with Tommy again but Tasha isn’t buying this. 

The conversation gets serious after Tasha says Raina’s death has changed everyone, including Tommy. She’s also worried about Tariq. She feels he’s not being honest with her and wonders where he gets that from. 

But Keisha calls Tasha out for never being honest with Raina and Tariq about their secret lifestyle. Tasha says Keisha is right and realizes it’s best to be honest with Tariq about everything. 

Tommy gets a visit from his mother. 

She’s really there because she needs to be restocked on coke. He reluctantly gives her what she came for. 

He then tells her Teresi will be a free man soon.

“He’s getting an early release.” – Tommy 

“What’s he asking you for?” – Tommy’s mother

“Nothing. He’s asking me for nothing, ma.” – Tommy

“He ain’t asking you for nothing yet. He’s the devil, Tommy. He’s gonna use you.” – Tommy’s mother

Before leaving, she tells Tommy he’s smarter than this, and he will see that she’s right very soon.

After Kanan steals their drug money from the previous night, Dre calls a meeting. He tells everyone that Cristobal is now second in command. Everyone must go to Cristobal for their needs from now on. No one is happy about this. Especially not 2 Bit and Spanky. 

But Dre warns everyone that they can leave if they can’t accept Cristobal.

No one leaves. 

Agent Jerry Donovan comes to Blanca’s office. He demands she hands over all the files she has on Ray Ray’s death. He tells her she’s being shut down and Angela is taking over the investigation. 

Blanca says Angela is covering herself and she’s involved. Donovan asks her for proof of this and Blanca has none. 

He tells her to stay out of the way.

Alicia’s identity becomes clear to Angela. 

At another meeting, Angela tells them more about Alicia. Medina points out that Alicia is always with Diego’s bodyguards like she’s an important person. After thinking it over, she realizes that “hermanos” doesn’t necessarily mean brothers. It can also be used to refer to brothers and sisters.

She says she’s now pretty certain that Alicia is Diego’s sister. 

Angela tells Saxe, Mak and Medina to get the warrants ready.

Ghost meets with Tate. 

He brags about seeing Linda again. He’s certain she will write a check after their last meeting. But Tate says that Linda thought Ghost was unprofessional after their first meeting, so now she’s completely sure he’s unprofessional after sleeping with her. 

After this is said, Ghost realizes he’s been played by Linda.

Tate tell Ghost he’s not his pimp and for them to focus on their upcoming fundraiser. 

Ghost says he will get the money by any means necessary. 

Angela meets Steve at his hotel on his last night in town.

They put their phones away and have some wine. When Angela’s phone rings, she figures it’s Tameika. 

But she sees it’s Ghost and ignores the call again.

She then sleeps with Steve.

After getting Angela’s voicemail, Ghost calls Tommy and tells him he will allow Tommy to use the club to clean his drug money for a fee. Ghost wants to use this money for his project with Tate. Tommy almost agrees to this, up until Ghost says Kanan can’t be involved. 

Tommy then gets a knock on the door and it’s Kanan. 

Kanan tells Tommy he has 1/4 a million. He is ready to work with Tommy. 

“You gon cut me in or not?” – Kanan

Tommy accepts Kanan’s offer and cash. 

He tells Kanan that his father is in the mafia and getting out of prison when he was supposed to serve a life sentence. Tommy thinks he may have snitched. 

Kanan tells Tommy not to trip and enjoy having a dad because he himself never had one. 

Tasha and Tariq pull up to Choate. 

While in the car, Tasha apologizes for lying to Tariq and Raina so long. She explains that she and Ghost are from the projects. selling drugs was a way for them to get out and provide a lifestyle for their kids that they never had growing up. They wanted to protect their kids from he truth. 

Tariq is appreciative of Tasha’s honesty and he gets honest by telling her he saw Ray Ray kill Raina.

He breaks down crying and says he misses Raina. Tasha consoles him. 

The handcuffs are taken off of Teresi and he is now a free man. When he walks out of the prison, Tommy pulls up and tells him to get in the car. Teresi says he wants to see Connie and get into some trouble with Tommy. They drive off. 

What are your thoughts on the episode? 

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