Roland Martin & Kofi Siriboe Express Frustrations with Current Season of ‘Queen Sugar’

The relationship between Remy and Nova on this season of “Queen Sugar has really rubbed people the wrong way.

People hopped on social media to express disgust with the direction of the show.

TV personality Roland Martin expressed this sentiment on Twitter.

Roland specifically said the romance between Remy and Nova isn’t believable. He would’ve much rather seen the romantic tension between Remy and Charley.

Check out the tweets below.


Interestingly enough, Kofi Siriboe may have his own bone to pick regarding the season.

He liked an Instagram comment in which a viewer expressed frustration with Ralph Angel’s love life. They specifically didn’t like how he simply had s*x with black women while he tried to make an Asian woman his new love interest.

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  1. I read a comment by Ava saying that the relationship between Nova and Remy is “real life”. IMO ppl watch tv to get away from the anxieties and stresses of life. We already know what happens in real life.. although I don’t know anyone who would get involved with a man whose dated their sister or close friend but, clearly there are some. Likewise, the storylines for Ralph Angel and Mica are frustrating. Why break up the black family? And Mica is heading down the wrong path.. those kids committed arson and vandalism.. now he’s having to run around scared bc of the consequences that could be his reality. Why not show them doing something more constructive like mentoring other youth? The intention maybe good but it’s led to criminal activity. Smh ??‍♀️.. I’m so disappointed.. Idk if I’ll continue watching next season.

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