GUHH Recap: Sam Tries to Take Over + Angela & JoJo’s Mom Pressures Them About Marriage

Pepa decides not to confront Dame at the movie premiere.

The episode opens at Dame’s movie premiere. Pepa wanted to talk to Dame at the event about Boogie, however, Dame didn’t give time for Pepa.

She did get a chance to introduce Tyran to Dame. She said in her interview that she didn’t feel it was time to speak to him.

Dame ran into Briana and asked if Boogie was coming. Briana said he wasn’t showing up and Dame expected this.

“Boogie doesn’t show up for himself.” – Dame

As the showing occurs, Romeo’s at a home he purchased with his friends. He invites his friends to Kristinia’s event in Las Vegas. One of them ask if Tee tee will be there. Another friend says they are Team Angela.

This frustrates Romeo and he compares Angela and Tee to the movie Twilight. He’s hoping to get Angela to move to LA. However, he feels a connection with Tee Tee.

He’s not concerned about it. He loves being stuck between multiple women.

Kyndall reveals she eloped in Vegas.

Egypt and Kyndall are hanging out at the gym. Kyndall feels a really strong vibe between themselves. While talking about Vegas, Kyndall revealed she and her husband made a trip to Vegas to elope.

She tells Egypt her family didn’t accept her husband at first, which is why she didn’t tell them about it.

Egypt then tells Kyndall she’s debuting her new song at her swimsuit reveal. When Egypt tells her Pepa’s her manager, Kyndall says she’s happy Egypt and Pepa have a good relationship to have a professional one.

Kyndall’s mom didn’t take Kyndall letting her go as a manager.

JoJo talks about being pressure to marry his girlfriend.

Lil Eazy E and JoJo meet up at the studio. E reveals he has 6 kids by 4 different women. He listens to JoJo talk about feeling pressure of getting married to his girlfriend. JoJo feels like he’s married, but his girlfriend is apparently applying pressure for marriage.

They’ve been together for about 8 years. JoJo says he doesn’t want to lose her.

Meanwhile, Pepa meets up with Vanessa. Vanessa’s mom and Pepa knew each other since high school. She wants to get advice from Pepa on how to manage being a mom with a career.

“You can be a mom and be bada**.”- Pepa

Vanessa wants to give her daughter the same opportunities Rev Run gave her. She then asks Pepa to get Egypt in her fashion show for her skin care line.

JoJo’s mom want him all of her kids to get married.

While in New York, JoJo made it back to spend time with his mom and daughter. He’s happy to be spending quality time with them. While hanging out, his mom asks him when he’s going to marry his girlfriend.

JoJo stammers through his answer. His mom wants him, Angela and Vanessa to get married one day.

“You’ve been married twice.” – JoJo

His mom tells him that the arguments will continue when you get married.

Pepa’s not impressed with Egypt’s song, side-eying Sam.

Egypt and Sam arrives to Pepa’s to meet Pepa and Tee Tee. Tee Tee hopes Sam added more of Egypt to the song, or else, Pepa will be angry.

Sam plays the song for Pepa and she doesn’t seem to like it.

“I like it, but it isn’t an Egypt song.” – Pepa

She gets stunned to hear that the song was a test song.

Afterwards, Pepa heads to the studio to see her boyfriend Aundre. Aundre is in the studio laying tracks himself. He takes a break to listen to Pepa vent about Dame and Sam.

Although she likes the song, Egypt isn’t dominating the song.

“He can’t dominate the song.” – Pepa

Vanessa also gets marriage pressure from her mom.

Venessa meets with her mom in New York. Vanessa asks her mom how to juggle being a mom while working.

During their conversation, her mom asks about Vanessa’s boyfriend Mike. Vanessa tells her that she doesn’t want to pressure Mike into marriage. He wants to save up for the right ring. Her mom wishes her kids were all married and doesn’t want her split from Rev Run to influence how they feel about marriage.

Vanessa says it hurts her when she says they aren’t married because of her and their dad.

Boogie and Pepa have a talk at her place. Pepa tells him that she didn’t have a chance to talk to Dame about Boogie.

Boogie says he didn’t get a message about the premiere. He also reveals the last time he talked to Dame was at the intervention.

“He said don’t talk to him until I’m fixed.” – Boogie

Pepa tells Boogie that Dame’s going to have to step up and make the move.

Briana and Easy meet up at a bar to catch up. They make small talk and she’s glad to run into him.

“We used to smash. I like screwing gangstas way back in the day. He was cuter back then.” – Briana

During the conversation she reveals she’s d***less. He learns that Briana has a thing for Boogie.

“I have a very special affinity for Boogie.” – Briana

Pepa and Sam clash at Egypt’s photo shoot.

Meanwhile, Egypt arrives to the beach for her photo shoot. Sam and Tee Tee are tagging along, and Tee Tee doesn’t want Sam to take over the shoot. When the photographer starts taking pictures, Sam tries to take over.

When Pepa arrives, she sees Sam trying to take over. Despite all of this, Egypt looks like she’s taking good photos.

“Watching Sam reminds me how men can be very controlling in this industry.” – Pepa

When Pepa suggests a pose, Sam acts like he doesn’t like it. When he walks off from frustration, Egypt just says Sam wants the best for her.

“Tina Turner said the same thing.” – Tee Tee

Kyndall tells Egypt to support her man, no matter what.

Egypt and Kyndall head over to Vanessa’s photo shoot for her skin care line. Kyndall with Egypt for support. As Egypt heads to makeup and styling, Egypt and Kyndall talk about Sam and Pepa clashing at her beach photo shoot.

Egypt doesn’t want to be under Pepa’s wing forever.

“Girl! How did I find my twin?” – Kyndall

She tells Egypt she has to live with Sam. If she wants to let Sam take control of her career, there’s nothing Pepa can do about it. She enjoyed Vanessa’s photo shoot over the one with Sam and Pepa.

“Well it’s your mom.” – Vanessa

“Well I need to fly.” – Egypt

JoJo’s back in LA and gets a FaceTime call from his girlfriend. His girlfriend feels overwhelmed taking care of their daughter without him.

During the conversation, Mya reveals that she wants to get married.

“Like, what’s the hold up?” – Mya

Jojo says he doesn’t want to be pushed into it, adding yet another thing to his plate.

Pepa had enough of Sam, which frustrates Egypt.

Back at Pepa’s house, Egypt stopped by to talk about the photo shoot and Sam. Pepa tells Egypt that Sam took over the photo shoot.

“He doesn’t get to change the direction of the visual I had planned for you.” – Pepa

“He just wants to help.” – Sam

“He ain’t no photographer.” – Pepa

Pepa then brings up that Sam isn’t working. However, Egypt says he’s getting her free studio time.

“Sam makes me his priority.” – Egypt

The episode ends with Egypt saying it’s going to be a problem if her family can’t trust Sam.

“I’m the manager!” – Pepa

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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