‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ Recap: Chaos Goes Down in Jamaica

The gang is in Jamaica.

They decided to make the trip after Phor told them he’s performing there with London On Da Track. They invited themselves and didn’t think to ask Phor how he felt about that.

Of course, they waste no time turning up on their bus.

It’s everyone’s first time there except Van who has never been there as a single man.

In a green screen interview, Van says that he and Jen are no longer together and he’s ready to have a good time.

When they pull up to the house they will be staying in, everyone is excited. They rush in to start claiming their rooms and enjoying the pools.

Lily takes a shot in Charmaine’s boobies.

Van is the only man there and he’s struggling to deal with the very uncomfortable talks the women are having. He can’t wait to link back up with Phor.

Charmaine surprises the group with new Loyal Ink t-shirts.

Phor, Nikki and London arrive to Jamaica. They are greeted by Ryan and the new 9Mag crew.

Junior’s girlfriend Adriana is also in attendance, as well as Ryan’s girlfriend Rachel.

While on the bus, Phor says that he will always be 9Mag.

“I’m not working at 9 Mag. But I’m also not at war with 9Mag or Loyal Ink.” – Phor

They discuss Charmaine throwing shade on Instagram and this angers Ryan. He is angry they keep discussing him when he hasn’t said anything about any of them.

He really doesn’t like the fact that Charmaine has been calling him out in the media.

Junior is annoyed that Lily keeps going in on him and Adriana on social media.

Adriana says that their relationship is solid and Lily is just acting like a stalker.

Ryan tells Junior to have a good time and not worry about the drama. His birthday is approaching, so Junior just wants to enjoy himself.

They get to the house they are renting and relax.

Phor updates the group and tells them that Loyal Ink is in Jamaica as well.

“Loyal Ink came down here too. Everybody.” – Phor

In green screen interview, Phor says he discovered that Loyal Ink was there because of what they haven been posting on Instagram. Phor wonders if they are already fighting with each other like they have been in Chicago.

Junior is unbothered, and says he’s ready to knock anyone out if there’s an issue.

Don, Ashley and Cobra arrive to the Loyal Ink rental house.

In a green screen interview, Ashley says she came to support her brother-in-law Phor. She’s not going to let her issues with Don hinder that. But they have been on decent terms and they will be roommates in Jamaica.

She tells Don she doesn’t want to fight and he’s down for this.

He’s hoping to rebuild their friendship.

They toast to no drama.

It doesn’t take long for Ashley and Don to start arguing anyway.

Charmaine tells the others, but they get loud enough for all the others to hear. Cobra wonders if they should intervene. But Charmaine thinks it’s best that they don’t.

“If they need to have a conversation, let them.” – Charmaine

Lily wonders what led to their argument. Cobra says there was tension between them on the way there. Don storms out the room with his suitcase. He’s threatening to leave and go back to Chicago. He pushes the camera out of his face.

The older members of 9Mag are tense now that they know Loyal Ink is there.

To take their mind of things, Bella suggests they do some rafting.

Phor is worried about the potential drama that could go down since there are so many beefs.

Back at the Loyal Ink house, Don and Ashley have now made up. In a green screen interview, Don says that it’s a new day and they are going to attempt to have a great trip.

In a green screen interview, Ashley says Don got upset over what she wanted to wear. This led to an argument.

Don decides to grab the lotion and apply it on Ashley. But Ashley decides to bring up their current status. Don is open to getting back together in the future, but right now he just wants to be friends. Ashley is okay with this.

The new 9Mag decides to head out for the night. Bella gets emotional on the bus and cries because she misses her kid. They head to a block party after Bella begins to dry her tears.

She suggests they take shots but Phor feels she’s had enough to drink.

Junior is drunk as well.

The Loyal Ink crew hops on the bus to head out for the night.

Violence erupts when the two crews see each other.

9Mag and Phor go to a bar. Junior wants to drink more but Ryan feels he’s had enough. Junior starts break dancing in the street.

Loyal Ink pulls up and they get off their bus and spot 9Mag.

Lily wants to confront Junior and his girlfriend because of the back and forth they have been having on social media.

Van feels Phor was a bit shady to invite 9Mag and not Loyal Ink.

As the two groups are close, Charmaine says they should at least speak.

Some of them speak to each other, including Phor and Danielle.

After Junior pours out some beer and says “f*ck Loyal Ink,” Lily runs over and throws her drink at him. Junior’s girlfriend Adriana quickly steps in and hits her in the face as Junior backs up.

Ryan immediately tries to break them apart, and everyone else runs over to try to break everything up. Chaos starts.

Reese runs up to Lily and Adriana’s melee. She and Danielle try to drag Lily away. Security grabs Lily.

“Lily!” – Danielle

“Let me beat the f*ck out this stupid hoe!” – Lily

Ryan is still holding Adriana back and trying to calm her down.

Reese then walks up behind Adriana and pulls her hair from the back.

Adriana clocks her too before Ryan intervenes.

Now this is where things get hazy. After Adriana clocks Reese, two security men push Reese away. She turns around and sees Junior walking past her. So she assumes that Junior is the one who just hit her.

She then accuses Junior of hitting her and then starts hitting him in the face and pushing him.

Security breaks this up. Don overhears Reese and runs over to restrain Junior.

“Hold on, hold on, that’s a girl, bro! You trippin!’ – Don

Adriana then breaks free and runs up on Reese. She grabs Reese by the hair and starts hitting her in the head for hitting Junior. Ryan once again restrains her.

She’s still got a big chunk of Reese’s hair in her hands and it takes a few people to get Reese free from Adriana’s grip.

Now Don has Junior in a headlock, still assuming he put hands on Reese.

“That’s a broad, bro. You’re trippin.’ – Don

Junior is trying to break free and fails as he starts pulling Don’s beard.

“That motherf*cker hit me!” – Reese

Ryan spots Don choking out Junior and runs over to break them apart.

It’s even more chaotic at this point as security is trying their best to break everything up.

Security finally breaks up Don and Junior. Don falls to the ground.

Lily runs up on Ryan and pushes him.

“What the f*ck is wrong with you, girl?!” – Ryan

“B*tch!” – Lily

Security drags her away from Ryan.

Reese threatens Adriana.

“Bring it on, b*tch!” – Reese

“Try again, b*tch. I got you.” – Adriana

Lily breaks free and runs up on Adriana, again. They grab ahold of each other’s hair before security grabs them both.

Junior breaks free and starts running around.

“You don’t know me, b*tch!” – Adriana

Ryan holds Adriana back, again.

Lily is dragged back to the bus by security. Her lip is bloody, and she’s yelling more threats at Adriana and Junior.

Reese is still screaming about being hit by Junior, which didn’t appear to happen, at least not on camera.

“F*ck you, a*shole! You put your hands on me!” – Reese

Junior ignores her and walks past her, wanting another go at Don. But Phor restrains him and tries to calm him down.

Lily is still screaming at Junior, who is with Adriana being restrained by security as he’s still looking for Don.

Security finally restrains them and Junior is dragged on the bus.

On the bus, Phor tries to talk to Junior to no avail. Adriana is angry and says she wants another round with Lily.

“I f*cked her a*s up and  I’ll do it again.” – Adriana

Apparently, a drunken Bella never got off the bus and had been sleep during all of this. Bella falls out of her seat and this shocks everyone else.

Charmaine wants revenge.

Back at the Loyal Ink house, Charmaine says that she’s going to fight Junior for hitting Reese.

Reese says that she tried to grab Junior’s girlfriend, and she says Junior punched her twice. She starts crying.

Don tells her not to worry about anything and try to enjoy the rest of the trip.

Producers have had enough of Junior.

Phor and Nikki talk about the blowup.

He wants to see Don and he’s really thinking about relocating.

Ryan goes off on Junior and calls him out for his actions.

Producers tell Junior to get his things and go home. He goes off on producers, and Ryan tries to calm him down but is not successful. He still tries to swing on producers.

“Ain’t nobody f*ckng with my lady!” – Junior

In the process of swinging on a producer, he accidentally hits Ryan in the face with his forearm.

Things don’t get any better and Junior refuses to calm down. He’s still trying to fight producers. So producers decide it would be best if he stays at another hotel for the night.

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