Watch: Ryan and Don Discuss if They Believe Junior Hit Reese

The trip to Jamaica was chaotic for the cast of “Black Ink Crew Chicago.”

Things went left after Loyal Ink and the new 9Mag ran into each other.

Junior was intoxicated, and said “f*ck Loyal Ink” which led to Lily running up on Junior and his boo Adriana.

Lily running up led to a full-out brawl. Adriana immediately clocked Lily in the face.

Reese jumped in and was also involved in an altercation with Adriana. After Reese was hit, she looked up and figured Junior was the one who did it.

She then screamed that Junior hit her and Don ran up on Junior, placing him in a choke hold.

This only made matters worse as Junior then tried to fight Don and the security team.

But now that fans were able to see the replay on multiple blogs, many are convinced that Junior never laid a hand on Reese.

Adriana even comes on the show to tell the cast that she was the one who hit Reese.

Check out the video below.

On tonight’s episode, Ryan and Don discuss what went down. Don says he didn’t see Junior hit Reese but he wants to believe her because she’s a woman.

Watch the preview below.

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