Watch: Brandi Maxiell Learns Her Husband Slept With Over 50 Women on ‘Fix My Life’

Apparently, Brandi Maxiell’s former-NBA husband Jason Maxiell slept with over 50 women during their marriage.

in a clip of the upcoming episode, Iyanla delivers the information to Brandi while she’s sitting next to Jason.

As Iyanla talks to Brandi about Jason’s apparent alcohol addiction, it comes out that Brandi, her mother and Jason’s mother feel he has a serious addiction. However, Jason disagrees despite drinking four beers nightly.

Iyanla than asked Jason if Brandi knew the actual number of women he slept with. Brandi thinks it’s only eight women. Jason said no and Iyanla asked why.

“It would be devastating for her.” – Jason

When Iyanla dropped the bomb on Brandi, it apparently broke her. At the end of the clip, Brandi couldn’t stay in the room with her husband.

In another segment, Iyanla and Jason discuss his past behavior with women. She asks him if he’s a s*x addict after it’s revealed he slept with 341 women.

Check out the clips below.

Despite this, Brandi and Jason made it past this hurdle, as they recently celebrated their 9th wedding anniversary.

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