‘Insecure’ Recap: Issa Gets Closer to Nathan + Lawrence Returns

Issa’s ready for their trip to Coachella. But Molly’s got work to do.

The episode begins with Issa working as a Lyft driver. She heads to pick up her first rider and he looks like he’s about to throw up. However, Issa’s prepared this time. He asks the rider if he’s okay and he says he doesn’t feel well. 

Issa promptly hands him a bag and a bottle of water. 

A montage ensues which includes a couple complimenting her music playlist, and another compliments her on listening.

She even picks up Thug Yoda.

Later, Issa drops off dry-cleaning and other supplies to Molly at her law firm. Molly’s happy to see her friend, complimenting her assistant skills. 

Issa’s excited because they are getting ready to head out to Coachella for the weekend to see Beyonce. They are doing so as a final hurrah for Tiffany before giving birth.  Molly still has plenty of work to complete however, before making the trip. 

When leaving Molly’s office, she contemplates texting Nathan. Meanwhile, Molly’s in a meeting with the partners and Taurean. In the meeting, Molly takes on more work as to keep up with Taurean’s energy and presence. 

Issa’s ready to head out to Coachella. She leaves a sign on the door and Trina yells at her from the second floor. Trina tries to say she has bed bugs, but Issa brushes her off. In fact, she tells her she’s a ghost and Trina turns off into her apartment.

Issa’s disappointed to see Kelli and Tiffany haven’t picked up Molly. Molly’s at work still, so the trio heads off without her. Issa FaceTime’s Molly and convinces her to still come on the trip, despite her work load.

When they arrive, Issa’s ready to party and made a full itinerary. However, Kelli took an edible and Tiffany’s ready to take a nap. When Molly arrives two hours later, everyone is knocked out sleep. So, she takes the time to complete her work assignment next to the pool, sipping wine.

Issa gets everyone ready to party.

The next morning, Issa grabs two cookie sheets to wake everyone up.

“I got too much sleep last night! Get the [bleep] up!” – Issa

This move wakes everyone up and makes them angry. But, Issa gets control of the situation, telling them it’s time to party, presenting her itinerary for Coachella. She planned out everything, and wants to celebrate Tiffany, not the baby.

“This is the last weekend before you get boring.” – Issa

Molly’s excited because one of the partners approved her work and Issa pours everyone a shot, including Tiffany. Tiffany tried to deny it but Issa told her a shot of Rosé won’t hurt her. 

After the shots, Nathan texts her about a pool party, so they head out. 

Once at the party, Issa and everyone runs into Nathan and his friends. 

“Now it makes sense.” – Molly

Nathan introduce them to Andrew and Julian. Julian offers them molly and edibles. Issa pulls Nathan off to the side and tells him they haven’t hit each other up. 

After their molly hits, Issa and Nathan sit next to the pool. He starts caressing her arms and Issa really feels it, thanks to the molly. They then begin making out. 

Meanwhile, Molly’s starting to feel her pill, venting to Julian. This puts off Julian, who passes her off to Andrew to listen to.

They eventually all make it to Coachella. Their cell service is spotty and all of them are thirsty. But Tiffany, who’s still sober, leads them to find a good spot at the stage to see Beyoncé. 

Once at the stage, they continue to party and pop their edibles. Issa, Kelly and Molly get coupled up while Tiffany becomes the 5th wheel. 

“Is this Couples-chella? ‘Cause I left Derek at home.” – Tiffany

Suddenly, Issa gets thirsty and Tiffany demands they keep someone there to safe their spot. So Issa and Nathan head off while Kelli walks off with Julian.  Molly, still feeling the molly and edibles, takes her coat off to help them save a spot. She tries to lay down but Andrew picks her up so she won’t pass out.

Issa and Nathan get intimate on the ferris wheel.

Back in the carnival area, Issa and Nathan get to talking. Nathan feels he may’ve come on her too strong, so he gave her space. He didn’t want her to think he felt pressed.

Issa started rhyming pressed. 

Suddenly, they head to the ferris wheel. While on the ride, they continue to talk. Issa opens up to Nathan about being scared on what to do after quitting We Got Y’all. 

“I think quitting your job was real brave. You’re gonna come out of this in a better place.” – Nathan

Things get interesting when the Ferris wheel stops. Issa takes this moment to get intimate with Nathan in the Ferris wheel car.

Kelli gets everyone kicked out before Beyoncé performs.

Meanwhile, Kelli’s back with Molly and Tiffany. She can’t see the stage and notices a white couple blocking their view, taking their spots. 

The couple gets sassy and Kelli grabs the white woman off the guy’s shoulders, throwing her to the ground. This causes a brawl with Kelli and Molly getting grabbed up by security. Tiffany calls Issa to tell her they all got kicked out of the festival. 

Kelli’s still badgering the police, claiming the people she started fighting weren’t kicked out because they are white. When Issa arrives, Kelli decides to run back in to the festival when they hear Beyoncé open her show set, and gets tased in the process. 

Molly begins to panic too when she gets last-minute notes from the partners at the firm. 

“Does anybody have a laptop?!” – Molly

Tiffany’s worried lastly, because she ate a piece of a weed brownie. 

Eventually, Nathan walks Issa to her Airbnb door and gives her a kiss. 

Once inside, Kelli’s furious because she can’t see Beyoncé and peed on herself. Molly’s trying to type in a panic, pulling at her weave, and Tiffany’s in a closet crying to Derek about eating a piece of a weed brownie. 

“What happened to Beyoncé or bust?” – Issa

“Beyoncé is a better mother than me.” – Tiffany

“What happened to my jacket?” – Molly

The next morning, everyone eventually sobers up, and Kelli and Molly can’t remember what happened. Issa offers to head to the store to get water and invites Tiffany to go with her. 

When they leave, Kelli asks Molly why she smells like pee. 

Lawrence returns.

Issa and Tiffany pull up to a 7-Eleven for water and Tiffany’s sad. Tiffany feels left out with the girls because of her pregnancy. 

“It’s just… everything is different now. Like way different now.” – Tiffany

“S*** changes all the time… And we’ll always be friends.” – Issa

“I hope so.” – Tiffany

Inside the store, Issa gets a text from Nathan to check in on her. Although she’s happy about that, she’s about to get thrown for a loop. Issa runs into Chad, and Chad brings over Lawrence. 

The episode ends with both saying hey to one another.

What are your thoughts of Lawrence returning? What are your thoughts on the episode as a whole?

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