EXCLUSIVE: Brandi Maxiell is ‘Frustrated’ by Jason Maxiell’s ‘Fix My Life’ Reveal

Brandi Maxiell was dealt an emotional blow by her husband Jason. She learned during the filming of her “Iyanla: Fix My life” episode that Jason slept with over 50 women during their 8-year marriage and 17-year relationship.

In a statement exclusively given to Urban Belle Magazine, Brandi’s frustrated with Jason publicly revealing this intimate piece of information without her knowing first.

Eight put a damper on things, but I was willing to work on it. Over 50 tore it down!

Brandi and Jason filmed their “Fix My Life” a year ago. Since then, she’s been focused on being the best mother and person she could be. She also knows she will have to have a conversation with their son, Jason II, about the details revealed during the episode.

Check out Brandi’s full statement below.Brandi Maxwell Fix My Life

Interestingly enough, Brandi also posted the following to her Instagram account.


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