‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ Update: Jenn Runs up on Lily at Birthday Party

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Season 4 of “Black Ink Crew Chicago” was full of drama for Lily.

She pretty much clashed with the majority of the cast.

When she got into with Danielle and Charmaine on how to best run Loyal Ink, she ended up physically assaulting both women.

Then of course there was the blowup in Jamaica in which Lily ran up on Junior and his girlfriend.

By season’s end, Lily then clashed with Don and Van. Van’s girlfriend Jenn got into the mix after Jenn called Lily out for starting most of the drama in Jamaica.

This did not sit well with Lily and she’s been shading Jenn on social media since.

Apparently Jenn wants to take things further than internet beef.

Hours ago, Jenn ran up on Lily at Lily’s birthday party. Words were exchanged and both nearly came to blows before being restrained by security.

On Instagram Live, Jenn claimed that she ran up on Lily because she was told Lily said something foul about her child.


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As for Lily, she called Jenn irrelevant after their blowup.

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