Katt Williams Slams Ex-GF Hazel E + Hazel E Claps Back

Recently, Katt Williams hopped onto Instagram Live, and for some unknown reason, decided to go off about his ex-girlfriend Hazel-E.

Firstly, He alleged the guy Hazel dated after they broke up, Rose Burgundy, is a murderer.

Remember she showed up with that little boy that was like 19? That n**** was a full-fledged killer, and s*** she had that n**** out here on motherf**** red carpets and s*** with a bow tie on? If you don’t get 17 felonies the f*** up out of the ‘Littlefoot’ premiere. You crossed the line.

Next, he claims he broke things off with Hazel because she’s an atheist. Then he got real petty, calling her ugly.

Lastly, the most egregious allegation Katt decided to throw out surrounds what Hazel’s doing in Dubai. Allegedly, Katt claimed Hazel gets paid $10,000 to be defecated on.

Truthfully, that’s why I left her. The b*** is a G** d*** atheist. I told her ‘Before God, I was the king of the n*****.’ This b**** said ‘I don’t believe in God or n*****.’ I said, ‘B****, if you don’t get your satanic, demonic, I-wanna-be-a-cracker in the face a*** up outta here. I will call down the ghost of Sojourner Truth to walk up your motherf****** street. What in the Harriet Tubman is this light-skinned ugly b**** talking about? How the f*** is you light skin and ugly?’

Hazel-E was ugly while I was f**** the b-tch. Soon as I leave, the b**** nose is crooked. She got a under and over bite. The b**** is in Dubai getting s*** on. I love it. Fellas, if your woman goes to Dubai, you know how cleanliness is next to Godliness? Well say Du-bye to that b****. They giving them b**** 10 racks to s*** on them.

Check out the clip below.


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Of course when this post went viral, Hazel-E was quick to respond. On one of her Instagram posts, a follower asked Hazel-E to address the allegations. She called him a liar, says he needs to go back on his meds, stole from her and had the FBI sent to her home, looking for his back taxes.

Then she also refuted his claims she’s atheist, and called out blogs who posted his allegations without giving her a chance to respond.

Check out her responses below.

Hazel-E Katt Williams Hazel-E Katt Williams

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