GUHHATL: Bow Wow & Da Brat Squash Beef + Masika Throws a Palm Tree at Kiyomi

Bow Wow had some pretty high demands for the So So Def tour.

The episode begins with JD and Da Brat texting about his Hall of Fame afterparty. He’s still preparing for his upcoming tour and needs to get on the same page with Bow Wow. 

The last tour they did, Bow Wow complained about money. Bow Wow and JD finally have a sit down to talk about this. He tells JD he needs his own tour bus.

“This is not the Bow Wow show.” – JD

Of course, JD side eyes these demands. He laughs off Bow Wow as he leaves. JD’s not paying for his tour bus.

After his meeting with JD, Bow texts Masika, and she invites him to a party. 

Shaniah was happy to spend time with her boyfriend in New York. She didn’t like how Kiyomi went off on Bow Wow for having a conversation with Lil Mama. Shaniah and her boyfriend will become a long-distance relationship because he’s going off to school in Miami. 

Surprisingly, Howie Mandel sits next to them. 

Pimpin and Bow Wow hang out and they talk about Lil Mama. Bow Wow tells Pimpin his relationship calms him down and his behavior’s improved and needs his own tour bus because of it. 

Da Brat side eyes Bow Wow’s demands.

Da Brat is out shopping when JD stops by to chop it up. They recap the Hall of Fame ceremony. Da Brat missed the ceremony because she had other obligations but she’s ready to be on the tour. JD tells her Bow Wow’s willing to do the tour but he wants his tour bus and sprinter van. 

Da Brat side eye’s this and calls Bow Wow a spoiled brat. 

She’s going to give him a piece of her mind the next time she sees him. 

Jazzy Phae links up in the studio with Masika and she plays her music for him. She gets his stamp of approval and they talk about Bow Wow. Masika seems to think he’s avoiding her for the “thot-pocket of the week.” 

“Bow Wow and I got some stories to tell, that I ain’t gonna tell.” – Masika

Bow Wow and Da Brat bury the hatchet.

Da Brat and Bow Wow are going to re-unite at a community service event for kids. They come face to face and Da Brat lets him have it. She calls him an a**hole.

“I’m not dealing with your s*** Bow Wow, unless you care to apologize.”- Da Brat

Bow Wow eggs her on, surprised Da Brat’s going off. But then he apologizes. Da Brat says she can’t stay mad at him. 

Masika spills tea about her and Bow Wow’s friendship.

Meanwhile Masika’s gets another meeting with Deb. Despite being unwilling to manage her, Deb’s helping her cast some male dancers for a music video. They link up at Deb’s other club Seduction to check out the talent. 

Of course, the conversation turns to Bow Wow. Masika tells Deb they’re good friends and spent the night together multiple times. She also tell Deb Bow Wow’s girl is probably jealous but has nothing to be jealous of. 

“She has noting to worry about.” – Masika

Things lastly turned to Jhonni’s blow up at the showcase. Masika really didn’t appreciate Jhonni dm’ing Fetty Wap while she was pregnant. So when she sees Jhonni, it will be brought up. 

JD and Bow Wow are hanging with Bow’s daughter Shai during a taping of Wild’n Out. Kiyomi’s a Wild’n Out girl and she gets to see Shai. She’s really interested in being liked by Shai. 

Shai really steals the hearts of everyone backstage. Bow’s really happy to have Shai with him. Afterwards, Bow Wow tells Teressa JD thinks Shai has talent. 

Brandon gives Jhonni Blaze some sound advice about Deb.

Jhonni Blaze feels really bad about what happened between her and Just Brittany during her showcase. So she reached out to Brandon Barnes to talk. 

Brandon shocks Jhonni letting her know he’s in firefighting school. She tells him she wants to apologize and he tells her to act on it and call her first.

“Approach her how you want to be approached.” – Jhonni Blaze

So she calls Deb asking to talk, but Deb isn’t interested in doing this. But when Jhonni says she’s willing to change, Deb says she’s willing to listen if she’s really willing to change.

Masika gets real shady about Kiyomi.

It’s time for things to get finalized for the So So Def tour and Bow Wow’s late for a meeting with Da Brat and JD. Bow Wow’s the only one he didn’t sign a contract yet and Bow Wow’s still trying to get a tour bus out of JD.

When he gets there, he’s adamant about getting the bus. But JD reminds him he paid for his tour bus during all of he other tours. Despite this, JD pitches what concept of the tour will be and Bow Wow signs on. 

Later that night it’s Masika’s party. She’s popping bottles with her Atlanta friends to listen to her new music. Masika refers to Bow Wow as Shad Shawty since he’s been avoiding her. 

However, he shows up to the event with Pimpin’. They go off to the side to talk. He didn’t tell Kiyomi he was going and it won’t end well for him. Bow Wow hears it from Masika first. 

“You need to leave the video h*** alone!” – Masika

“Masika is trouble.” – Bow Wow

The episode ends with Masika telling Bow Wow his relationship with Masika isn’t going to last.

What are your thoughts on the episode.

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