‘Friends & Family Hustle’ Recap: LeToya Has a Medical Scare + Tiny Wants TI to Step It Up

friends and family hustle season 1 episode 2
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Tiny tells TI that she wants to go to Pastor Gray’s church after LeToya’s housewarming party.

But TI feels that religion is just used to control people. So he’s not interested in going with her. Desperate to get out of going to church, TI goes to the car to grab some gift bags from Fendi.

Although Tiny appreciates the gifts, she does wish he would gift her with more sentimental things.

She thanks him anyway.

Monica catches up with LeToya.

In a green screen interview, LeToya says that she and Monica have known each other since they were kids.

Both are focused on still having careers despite motherhood.

They discuss LeToya’s pregnancy. She says that her step daughter Madison has been very supportive.

With Tommi flying back and forth to see his daughter often, things can get stressful. LeToya doesn’t like being left alone while pregnant.

TI takes all his sons bowling.

His oldest son Domani is heading to college soon. He hasn’t been decided where he will go, but TI wants him to go to Morehouse.

He thinks it will be good for Domani to be around other young black people.

LeToya had to go to the ER.

She was having contractions and doctors wanted to make sure she wasn’t going into pre-labor. She breaks down crying as she discusses this with her friend.

In 2015, LeToya suffered a miscarriage.

So LeToya is terrified she could lose another baby. With Tommi not being there with her, it’s been even more terrifying. He eventually showed up just in time for LeToya to get the test results.

She’s fine but still shaken up.

Her friend wonders when she will tell Tami how she’s feeling. But she doesn’t want to do that and upset him. The reality is she doesn’t feel Tommi has really been there for her. LeToya hopes he will one day understand that she and the unborn baby are his family now, too.

TI is working on another album.

He invites Tiny to Trinidad with him since their anniversary is coming up. But Tiny doesn’t like the way he asked. He asked in a roundabout way.

When TI reminds her he bought her a car recently, Tiny says that doesn’t count because it was for her birthday. Regardless, TI doesn’t understand why what he feels are displays of affection aren’t impressing Tiny.

In a green screen interview, Tiny say she needs time to get over all the hurtful things TI has done. So she’s not going to Trinidad.

Monica is in the studio, listening to her new track.

Her cousin and producer Polo tells her that the song will need a visual. It’s a ballad.

He tells her she will need a more sultry look but it could throw off fans.

But she reminds him that she’s always been sultry, just more so in private.

Since she’s independent, she will have to handle all the costs of the project, herself.

Tiny is inspired to do a nail polish line for Heiress.

Toya thinks this is a good idea.

They then discuss Tiny’s recent conversation with TI. She really wants him to be serious and prove he really wants to get back together. Expensive gifts aren’t going to do it.

In a green screen interview, Tiny says she wants to get back to being with TI all the time.

It is revealed that Tiny wasn’t talking to TI when he was caught on video smacking the “Greenleaf” actress’ butt.

Later on, TI has a discussion with loved one about HBCUs.

When someone says that HBCUs aren’t on the same level as PWIs, TI says that this is not the case. He explains that many HBCUs have rich histories, like Morehouse. Domani will consider both HBCUs and PWIs when making his decision.

Tommi is back in town.

LeToya is glad he’s back but she admits she was terrified he was away when she had to go to the hospital.

She and Tommi clash while discussing this. He blames it on her hormones.

In a green screen interview, LeToya says she has to walk on eggshells to tell him how she’s feeling.

Later on, Tommi tells he to tell him how she’s feeling about everything. LeToya then explains that she felt like he wasn’t being there for her. This made things even scarier for her.

“You left. I was terrified.” – LeToya

Tommi tells her he hears her and he’s going to do what  he can to make her feel like she has support from him. This makes LeToya happy.

Domani makes a decision.

He chooses Georgia State and says that his little brother made a good point that there’s more than black people in the world.

TI says he’s going to respect his choice even though he wanted him to attend Morehouse.

Toya tries to get to the bottom of things.

She meets with TI and asks him about the scandalous video.

He says his flesh is weak and he makes mistakes.

When Toya tries to explain why the way he asked Tiny to come with him to Trinidad was an issue, TI still doesn’t understand why Tiny is giving him a hard time.

Regardless, Toya just hopes TI and Tiny can get it together eventually.

Tiny gets an update from Toya.

She just feels TI and Tiny just need to work things out. And Tiny is starting to see that she and TI are made for each other. She’s now open to going to Trinidad.

Everyone is coming out to celebrate the launch of Heiress’ nail polish line.

Later on, Tiny tells TI that she will go to Trinidad with him.

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