‘Married To Medicine’ Recap: Aydin & Damon Nearly Come to Blows + Contessa Makes Serious Accusations

married to medicine season 6 episode 10
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Dr. Jackie says she has cut back a little on her hours.

She’s seeing fewer patients but she’s spending more time with her patients. This way she can spend more time with Curtis and her close friends.

It’s been a peaceful change for her.

And it’s been working out for her marriage.

Dr. Heavenly drops by Dr. Contessa’s home to check on her.

Of course, Heavenly brings by gifts.

In a green screen interview, Contessa says she’s ready to get back to her normal life. When Heavenly sees that Contessa’s boob job isn’t dramatic, she questions why she didn’t get some bigger ones after all she went through.

Mariah is at Dr. Simone’s place catching up.

And minutes later, Quad drops by Contessa’s.

They discuss Mariah’s Black Love Party.

Quad and Heavenly tell her they didn’t go. Heavenly is convinced that Mariah was just being shady.

As Mariah and Simone eat some takeout food, they discuss the party. Mariah says she was disappointed that Heavenly and Quad didn’t come. Simone feels like Quad may need to take a break from the group so she can deal with her divorce on her own.

Simone feels Quad is erratic and it’s interesting that it was too painful for Quad to come to the Black Love party, but she’s fine going on the Couple’s Trip.

Everyone is in agreement that the couple’s trip is going to be interesting.

There are more rumors about Quad.

Heavenly is preparing for the Antigua trip, and she tells Dr. Damon that she read on the blogs that Quad took all the furniture from the house.

Toya and Dr. Eugene discuss this as well.

Regardless of this latest rumor, both Toya and Eugene know it won’t take much to have a better couple’s trip than the last one.

They then discuss Toya and Contessa’s beef.

It’s unclear to Toya if she and Contessa can ever be on good terms again.

When Contessa and Dr. Scott show up to the airport, Eugene tells Toya to behave.

In a green screen interview, Contessa says she refuses to let Toya get under her skin.

Mariah and Heavenly continue to not speak to each other.

Quad is late. Simone isn’t surprised by this.

But she makes it ten minutes before the gate was closed.

There’s another issue between Contessa and Toya.

The group arrives to Antigua.

Everyone congratulates Toya and Eugene for making it to ten years.

When they get on the bus, Quad says she saw Dr. G in the club last night dancing with a woman.

In a green screen interview, Quad is convinced the woman was his side chick the whole time. When she is asked what she was doing at the club, Quad said she only went to drop something off to a friend.

In a green screen interview, Toya says she thinks what actually happened is Quad’s friend called her and told her to come see what Greg was up to.

They get off the bus and are greeted by kids singing to them. Of course, Aydin dances.

The rental villa is impressive. Everyone is impressed.

Turns out Toya and Eugene also rented the other villa in the back. In a green screen interview, Heavenly tells Damon they should have the best room because they have the best marriage.

Contessa is upset that Toya hit her in the chest accidentally when she saw a crab and got scared.

She tells Scott she’s concerned that something may have been damaged.

“I hope and pray that she did not to do that on purpose.” – Contessa

But Scott assures her everything is fine and he can’t see the difference in her boobs. He’s also not convinced Toya would do something like that on purpose.

Contessa makes a serious accusation.

The group is getting ready to head to dinner.

Toya says the theme will be Fire & Ice. She wants it to represent the passion between all the couples.

Scott tells the group that Toya hit Contessa in the chest. The boob hit is now swollen. So they aren’t going to dinner.

This upsets Toya and she explains what happened when she saw the crab. She says she accidentally hit Toya in the chest with an open hand. But Scott says she hit Contessa with an elbow.

But Toya doesn’t want to ruin the trip. So she refrains from arguing about it with Scott.

In a green screen interview, Jackie says that she’s sure the fact that Toya was the one who hit Contessa made it much worse for Contessa.

When they get on the bus, Heavenly says Contessa was crying when she saw her and the boob is swollen.

She explains that Contessa thinks Toya may have been on purpose.

Toya gets angry and says she would never do something like that. Quad agrees and says so in her green screen interview. At this point, Toya no longer wants Contessa on the trip.

“She needs to get the f*ck out my villa.” – Toya

Eugene says he understands how Toya feels because t’s not okay to lie on someone. Reaching her breaking point, Toya breaks down crying.

Simone also feels like it’s not cool for Contessa to accuse Toya of something so heinous.

Regardless, Toya dries her tears and she is determined not to let anyone ruin the trip. The rest of the group encourages her and cheers her up.

The couples exchange gifts.

At dinner, Eugene says that his marriage to Toya has had its ups and downs.

The couple decided that it would be great for all the couples to give each other little tokens of appreciation.

So Eugene gifts Toya with a cubic zirconia. She surprises him with a book of kinky things they can do when they are alone

Mariah and Aydin, Jackie and Curtis and Heavenly and Damon gift each other with jewelry.

Cecil gifts Simone a block that says I Love You, plus a Louis Vuitton wallet. She gives him a bracelet.

Heavenly surprises Quad with a bracelet so she won’t feel left out.

In a green screen interview, Quad says this really touched her.

Things get messy.

Now the group plays Truth Or Drink.

They either answer the question or take a shot.

Things get awkward after Toya asks Eugene if he ever thought about cheating on her. He says no, and Mariah tells Toya to ask Aydin that.

Then Quad tells Toya she should ask Gregory that question. Toya gets confused and asks why she would ask Greg that.

Quad gets annoyed and says because Greg actually did cheat.

Toya says she forgot and then asks Quad if she took all the furniture out the house like the blogs reported. Quad says that Greg is being petty and that’s not what happened.

At this point, Mariah says that Quad may as well tell her side in what actually happened.

Mariah says that her friends just want to hear something from her about her split from Greg. Quad starts crying and says she doesn’t have to say anything because she just saw Greg dancing with another woman at a club the previous night.

Heavenly intersects and tells Mariah Quad doesn’t have to say anything. Mariah tells Heavenly to stay out of it because her exchange with Quad has nothing to do with Heavenly.

Mariah and Heavenly nearly come to blows.

They start arguing and Damon then interjects that Quad doesn’t owe anyone there an explanation.

Things get heated between Mariah and Heavenly after Mariah says she’s known Quad the longest, so Heavenly can’t check her about Quad.

Both start cursing at each other and of course, Heavenly says “Yo momma” again. This outrages Mariah and she breaks a glass on her chair, creating a shank.

Quad and Toya try to calm her down but Mariah isn’t hearing it.

Heavenly then throws a chair in Mariah’s direction. This makes Mariah call out Damon and question why he hasn’t called out Heavenly for disrespecting Miss Lucy.

“Get your b*tch!” – Mariah

Aydin also calls out Damon. And this causes Damon and Aydin to argue. Damon actually gets up and tries to walk up on Aydin. The rest of the guys restrain both as Heavenly tries to run up on Mariah. She is also restrained by the group and Mariah tells Heavenly to test her if she wants.

“I’ll pico de gallo that hoe, chopped up and served on the side!” – Mariah

With everyone being separated, Mariah and Aydin walk off cooly as Heavenly continues to rage behind them.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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