‘Friends & Family Hustle’ Recap: Kandi Has Complaints from the Xscape Tour + Toya Clashes with Her Mother

friends and family hustle season 1 episode 4
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Toya and Reign are doing a photo shoot for her bonnet line.

Being an entrepreneur is important to Toya since she came from nothing. LeToya and Rasheeda come to show support.

They all discuss being mothers and workaholics.

It’s really important to her to be around women who have balanced motherhood and demanding careers.

The New Orleans trip is discussed. Toya is still hoping her mother doesn’t have a relapse. She also wants her to learn some real life skills so her mother can find a career to focus on.

Monica is a mortician.

Her uncle owns a very successful funeral business.

But she has a hidden talent of making the dead look great for their funeral.

It became a passion of hers. Monica’s cousin is happy she was able to come in and work.

They discuss her new album and how her strained relationship with her father is inspiring her new music.

She’s been talking to him frequently and she actually wants to see him everyday. Her cousin urges her to contact her dad and have an honest conversation.

TI and Tiny are back from their trip to Trinidad.

Both greet Tiny’s mother as she has been watching the kids and home while they were away.

It’s obvious that TI is tired of living in a separate home.

In a green screen interview, Tiny says the trip went well and they are in a great place.

When Tiny’s mother asks if divorce is off the table, both say they should still take things one day at a time. They are on the same page as of now.

In other news, TI is still working on his Trap Museum.

It’s supposed to open in a week.

He places pressure on the staff to make the deadline.

JD wants another Xscape reunion.

Jermaine Dupri is putting together a show to celebrate So So Def’s 25th anniversary.

Since Xscape was the first group on the label, he feels they have to be there. But JD wants all four of the members.

In a green screen interview, Tiny says that Kandi doesn’t want to do new music. So it’s not certain Kandi will want to perform.

Tiny urges JD to tell Kandi and the others he wants them all there.

Anita fails the test.

Toya is taking her mother Anita to a surprise.

She takes her mom to a hot dog shop owned by a friend. Anita puts on a uniform and she is told she has to wash dishes before she can work her way up.

In a green screen interview, Toya says there’s nothing wrong with dong grunt work at first. She leaves her mom there to get acquainted.

But Anita gets stressed pretty quickly and goes outside to smoke a cigarette and complain. When confronted by the manager, she says she is quitting.

Anita calls Toya to pick her up before Toya even makes it around the corner. This is disappointing to Toya.

Toya comes back to pick her up and Anita complains that she wants to cook, not wash dishes.

“I’m 53 years old, I can’t do that kind of work, baby.” – Toya

In a green screen interview, Toya says she takes care of her mom. It makes her feel like she has three kids, not two.

Madison and LeToya have a playdate with Laiyah and Monica.

They all do some painting.

LeToya says that her father is excited she’s having a baby.

Monica’s father had a near death experience due to kidney issues and it caused her to want to have a better relationship with him.

In a green screen interview, LeToya can relate and says that her relationship with her mother was tested plenty when her mother was her manager.

Kandi has reservations.

Tiny goes to OLG to speak to Kandi about the So So Def Anniversary show.

“That doesn’t feel good to me.” – Kandi

Kandi tells Tiny that she feels like she isn’t treated fairly.

She says that she doesn’t get the same dressing rooms and food that everyone else gets.

Tiny hopes that Kandi will be able to work out her issues with the rest of the group. She urges Kandi to speak her mind to the Scott sisters.

Toya and Anita see a therapist.

She explains to the therapist what Anita did at the hot dog business. Toya feels like her mother acts like a child.

In a green screen interview, Toya says she’s not rich. She has a lot of bills and she’s done a lot for her mother financially. She even bought her mother a restaurant but it folded because Anita kept giving away food for free.

Anita says she has been writing a book and she wrote eight chapters. But Toya gets frustrated and says that the book is nowhere near finished. And she’s tired of being a parent to her mother.

The therapist tells Toya to back off and let Anita fend for herself.

This is something Toya doesn’t know if she can do. But she’s tired of enabling her.

Unfortunately, TI’s trap museum isn’t ready.

TI returns to his Trap Museum.

He tells the staff that it doesn’t look like they will be able to open in three days.

The staff tells him they need one more week. Although this isn’t what TI wants to hear, he realizes it’s for the best.

Kandi gets on board.

As Tiny and the Scott sisters are trying on clothes for the upcoming So So Def show, Kandi shows up.

Although Kandi felt the Scott sisters had favoritism on their last tour, they don’t see it that way.

Kandi also feels like communication needs to be better in the group.

After they agree to work on things, Kandi says she will do the show.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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