LHHNY Recap: Mariahlynn & Nya Nearly Come to Blows + Miracle Gets More Bad News

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Jonathan, Sidney and Mariahlynn meet up at a plastic surgeon’s office.

Apparently Jonathan is there to fine tune some things.

While waiting, they discuss Sidney’s fallout with Nya. Mariahlynn says Sidney shouldn’t have listened to a “hood girl” like Nya. But Sidney says that she feels she overreacted, even though Sidney felt like the critique on her looks was a shot at her being Transgender.

Regardless, Sidney plans on apologizing.

In a green screen interview, Sidney says that she has the money to get her s*x change, so she’s just focused on that.

The doctor comes in and Jonathan gets another round of botox. He’s very used to the procedure by now.

Kimbella and Juelz are tying to spend as much time together as possible before he leaves for prison.

While kissing, they are interrupted by Juelz’s mother Debbie.

But Kimbella doesn’t let that interrupt their passion. Especially since Juelz’s mom has to be there because she’s still his legal custodian.

Rich is heading to Mississippi.

He’s going there to learn of Miracle’s fate.

“This is really scary.” – Rich

Miracle tells him she has a public defender because she couldn’t afford an attorney. She didn’t ask Rich for help because he just spent $100,000 to bail her out.

When Miracle says she doesn’t want a felony on her record, Rich says that’s not what she needs to worry about right now.

In a green screen interview, Rich says Miracle needs to understand how much trouble she’s in.

He especially wants her to understand how all of this affects Ashley and her other two kids.

Jonathan puts his plan in motion.

After inviting both Sidney and Nya for a day out at a vineyard as well as Kimbella and Cyn, he’s hoping Nya and Sidney will be able to work out their differences.

However, Nya tells Jonathan that she feels like she can’t work things out with Sidney.

Danger got way too close to Alexis.

Alexis tells her grandmother that she happened to be around a shootout involving her label.

While she’s not nervous that she could have been hurt, she’s more worried about her daughter.

Her grandmother wants her to stop posting her whereabouts on social media for safety, but Alexis says she can’t do that because that’s how she makes her money.

Regardless, the drama makes her want to put out music independently, without a label’s help.

Jonathan and the ladies arrive at the vineyard.

He was able to arrange them having the venue all by themselves.

Nya gets irritated when she sees that Sidney is there too.

Everyone agrees to leave Nya and Sidney alone to talk.

Pretty quickly into the conversation, Sidney asks Nya to give her a third chance. But Nya isn’t convinced Sidney is genuine and she feels Sidney is just trying to use her for her connections to Jaquae.

But Nya says all she wants to do for now is have fun at the vineyard. She’ll be cordial to Sidney but that’s all for now.

Mariahlynn and Kimbella discuss Yandy.

Kimbella says she’s done and Marahlynn questions if Yandy is adopting Infinity for her image.

In a green screen interview, Kimbella says she knows Yandy is just doing this to look good.

With Mariahlynn having her past struggles in the foster care system, she’s highly annoyed with Yandy.

Not too long after, Nya and Sidney have another disagreement.

Nya feels Sidney was disrespectful to buck at her and Sidney wants her to forgive her in order to move forward with the friendship.

Eventually, Nya gets angry and threatens to slap Sidney.

In a green screen interview, Mariahlynn says Nya is bullying Sidney and it’s not cool.

Nya and Mariahlynn nearly come to blows.

Later that night, the group attends a wine tasting with the exception of Sidney.

At this point, Nya feels like Sidney has just been poking the bear.

They sit down and Yandy is discussed. Mariahlynn says that she feels like Yandy is a fake person. This upset Jonathan and he refuses to talk bad about his friend.

Kimbella then says that it’s phony that Yandy is trying to adopt Infinity. When Jonathan makes it clear he doesn’t want them to drag Yandy in his presence, Kimbella assures him he will eventually see the “real” Yandy.

“You’re going to find out in time.” – Kimbella

Realizing Jonathan is uncomfortable, Kimbella decides to walk off with Cyn.

Once Kimbella and Cyn exit, Nya tells Jonathan that the only friendships that matter in Jonathan’s life are the ones he has with Yandy and her.

This irritates Mariahlynn and she attempts to walk away.

When Nya says “whew child,” Mariahlynn comes back to confront her.

They argue and Nya gets up like she’s ready to swing. Mariahlynn gets up too and security restrains them before they can throw hands.

In a green screen interview, Mariahlynn says that Nya’s behavior is proof that she really hasn’t changed.

“I will f*ck you up!” – Nya

But Nya feels like Mariahlynn was wrong to push her buttons. She also throws a glass at Mariahlynn, which disappoints Jonathan. But he feels Mariahynn was wrong to get upset in the first place.

As Mariahlynn screams about catching Nya in the streets, Jonathan tells security to escort her off the vineyard grounds.

Nya breaks down and expreses that she’s upset that she allowed herself to get riled up.

She decides it’s best for her to go back home.

Miracle gets more bad news.

It’s the day of the hearing.

The public defender says that there is no plea deal and Miracle’s case is heading to trial. And the court wants Miracle to go to jail.

This news shocks both Rich and Miracle.

Outside of the courtroom, Miracle breaks down in tears.

In a green screen interview, Rich says he wishes Miracle would have taken the situation seriously from jump.

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