RHOA Season 11 Reunion Tea

rhoa reunion season 11
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The most recent episode of RHOA focused quite a bit on NeNe.

She planned a “Bye Wig” party, but had a meltdown when she had a disagreement with Marlo.

Her disagreement with Marlo stemmed from Gregg returning to the hospital.

Although she and Marlo were able to work things out, later that evening NeNe had another blowup.

After Porsha and Kandi entered NeNe’s closet without her permission, NeNe became livid when the camera crew followed.

She’s been clapping back at her critics on Instagram and even had some words for one of Porsha’s fans.

However, Instagram blogger The Real Housewives of Atlanta claims that Porsha wasn’t the only one NeNe had a showdown with at the reunion.

NeNe also had a war of words with Tanya as well.

And something else must have went down with Kandi, Cynthia and Eva as well because NeNe has unfollowed all three.

In fact, since yesterday, Shamari and Marlo are the only women from the group NeNe follows on Instagram.

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