‘Black Ink Crew’ Ratings Drop

Black Ink Ratings
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If you watched “Black Ink Crew” last week, then you already know there was no shortage of drama.

Alex had to take a trip to the hospital after Cease and Teddy jumped him.

He’s been having back spasms, and he’s unsure if he will ever be able to tattoo again.

The whole situation upset Donna and the couple declared war on Teddy and Cease.

Not too long after, someone seemingly shot up the shop.

It hasn’t been revealed who was responsible for the chaos that took place in the shop, but some viewers speculate that Alex was behind it.

Sky also had another explosive encounter with her baby daddy Red.

Interestingly enough, none of this has done much to boost ratings.

In fact, last week’s episode was the least watched ever in the show’s history bringing in only 845,000 viewers.

And the drop off isn’t just affecting the New York cast either.

“Black Ink Crew Chicago” saw a drop too.

The season 5 finale only brought in 828,000 viewers. In fact, season 5 as a whole only brought in a million plus viewers once, and that was the season 5 premiere which brought in around 1.071 million viewers.

Why do you think both shows are seeing a decline in ratings?

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