Virginia’s Fate Revealed in ‘Claws’ Season 3 Trailer

is virginia dead in claws
Photo Credit: TNT

Is Virginia Dead?

Fortunately, for “Claws” fans, a new trailer for season 3 lets us know pretty quickly if Virginia survived her gunshot wounds. If you missed the season finale for season 2 of “Claws,” it ended with Desna cradling Virginia after suffering a gunshot wound.

In the trailer, Virginia is seen surviving the incident. However, she’s sporting a quite-fashionable eye patch.

Meanwhile, the entire crew is there from Desna, Quiet Ann, Jenn and Polly. The Dixie mafia’s present also and all of them are up to their usual antics.

In one clip, Desna and Roller are dumping someone’s body in a swamp. Next, all of them, including Bryce, Roller and Uncle Daddy seem to be embarking in a new Casino venture that’s going to have a new batch of problems.

Check out the trailer below.

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