YFN Lucci Calls out Reginae Carter on Twitter

Reginae And Lucci Relationship
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One of the main gripes Toya has about Reginae’s relationship is the age difference.

Plus she’s not thrilled that the rapper already has multiple children.

While Toya feels like YFN Lucci has way too much baggage, Reginae feels like her mother was being a bit hypocritical.

With Reginae’s father¬†being Lil Wayne, Reginae didn’t feel like Toya had much room to criticize her relationship with Lucci.

Regardless, Toya feels like the relationship is toxic.

Reginae disagrees but Lucci’s recent tweet wasn’t a good look to a lot of folks on social media.

Apparently he tweeted about a recent private conversation they had in which Reginae revealed she doesn’t feel safe with him.


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Lucci also stated that Reginae should leave him if she feels this way.

What are your thoughts?

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