Keyshia Cole Wants People to Get Over Age Difference Between Her & Her Boyfriend

Keyshia And Niko
Photo Credit: Instagram

Keyshia Cole hasn’t had the smoothest track record with love.

Her marriage to Daniel Gibson fizzled out and ended in a pending divorce. It was suspected that Daniel wasn’t faithful and Keyshia decided to pull the plug.

And the divorce isn’t final because the former couple can’t come to an agreement on custody and spousal support. According to court documents, Daniel wants full custody and spousal support.

This is something Keyshia does not agree with.

After splitting with Daniel, Keyshia started dating Birdman.

This ended with Keyshia assaulting a woman at Birdman’s home.

Keyshia said she learned from the situation and would be wiser in the future.

She quietly began dating Niko. But a lot of people couldn’t get over the age difference.

Niko is reportedly 23 years old. Keyshia is 37 years old. So that’s an age difference of 14 years.

When Keyshia confirmed that she is pregnant with Niko’s child, not everyone was happy for her. And most of these people couldn’t get over Niko’s age.

Keyshia is tired of the criticism.

So she responded on Twitter.


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