‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ Recap: Ryan Rehires Lily + Van Continues to Struggle as Manager

Black Ink Crew Chicago Season 5 Episode 12
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Lily pulls up to the new 9Mag.

She wants to work there. While Ryan wants her there, he tells her she has to go through the interviewing process.

So he interviews her with the rest of the staff. Lily blames all her drama on Van and Charmaine. One of the staff members calls her out and says that she’s not taking responsibility for her actions.

Lily then says that she can show people she can change better than tell them.

Ryan takes a minute to discuss Lily with the staff.

Some people have reservations. And others feel like Lily deserves another chance. So Ryan says he’s going to think about everything.

Charmaine and Neek go on a “bae-cation.”

They spend some time getting flirty in the pool.

When Charmaine tells Neek that her parents are coming to town, Neek says he’s not worried. He knows the only thing Charmaine’s parents are going to press him on is marriage.

And he’s still not ready to tie the knot.

“I don’t want them to feel like we’re just shacking up and not trying to get married because that’s what it looks like.” – Charmaine

“I’m not going to get married right now and that’s that.” – Neek

Van turns down Charmaine’s offer to help.

Back at the old shop, Van’s employees complain that she shop has gotten dirty since Bella’s departure.

Minutes later, Charmaine comes by.

They try to talk her into cleaning up but she reminds them that she doesn’t do that anymore.

Two women walk in looking for Shine. Shine quit the shop while the gang was in Las Vegas.

So Charmaine tries to convince both women to stay and let someone else tattoo them.

After they decide they don’t want someone else to tattoo them, Van’s employees taunt the women and tell them to leave.

Charmaine goes to Van and tells him what happened. She feels she needs to help Van hire some new people.

Van isn’t hearing this and he says he doesn’t want any help.

Phor gets an offer.

While in the studio, Phor is asked if he can make a remix for his song “Chi Town.”

The remix will be used for the WNBA arena. And he can come and perform it. But he must change the lyrics around to support the WNBA team there, The Chicago Sky.

Phor is feeling some type of way about being asked to change his lyrics. So he wants to take some time to think about it.

Lily meets with her mother.

She’s in town from Texas.

Lily talks about her drama at 9Mag.

She accuses everyone of trying to ruin her image and she’s been accused of racism.

Her mother says if Lily was racist she wouldn’t be working at 9Mag.

But she feels like Lily is wrong to be putting her hands on people.

Lily says that she acts out because of how her dad was killed. He was killed by the cartel.

Gina and Slam come by the old shop to take inventory.

Van doesn’t want to help them so Don does.

Gina says that the shop doesn’t look professional.

Charmaine says they need ink, water, and toilet paper.

But Gina and Slam remind them that Van is supposed to be taking care of this. But they are going to notify Ryan.

Phor struggles to change up the lyrics to his song for the Chicago Sky.

So he decides it would be best to turn down the offer.

Bella stops by Lily’s place.

She tells her she needs a paycheck ASAP.

Lily tells her she had an interview at Ryan’s new shop. But she doesn’t know if it will work out.

Right now Lily feels like the new shop is being run like a cult.

In the meantime, Bella asks Lily to give her a free tattoo.

Lily agrees to it.

Marriage is on Neek’s mind.

Neek and Charmaine meet with Charmaine’s parents.

Her father asks about them getting married and Neek’s finances.

Neek says he owns a business and he has 15 employees.

Charmaine’s father-in-law says they need to get everything in order and have a game plan for the future.

Neek says he wants to get married eventually, and Charmaine’s mother isn’t happy with his response.

Charmaine and her mother leave so Neek and her father can talk alone.

Her father says that the shacking up has to stop.

While Neek understands this, he would like approval to propose to Charmaine.

“Man, you know you got that. That’s what we’ve been talking about the last hour!” – Charmaine’s Dad

“Now, I just hope she says yes.” – Neek

Ryan gets an update on the old shop.

He says it’s not his responsibility to fix the issues at the old shop.

It’s up to Van and he’s wiped his hands clean.

Lily comes back to the old shop.

She tells them that Ryan hired her at the new shop.

So she is only back to get her things and taunt them in the process.

She tells them Ryan left all the people he doesn’t want at the old shop.  Lily also says that Don, Van and Charmaine have no talent before walking out.

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