‘Queen Sugar’ Recap: Charley’s Mill Burns + Ralph Angel Grows Close to Deesha

Queen Sugar Season 4 Episode 8
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All Charley can do is watch her mill burn.

The episode begins with Charley, Micah, and Romero watching as the sugar mill burns.

Nova made it out to the mill but Charley and Ralph Angel don’t even look her way.

A firefighter tells Charley there’s evidence of arson and the mill is extensively damaged. Nova wants to talk to Charley but Charley tells her, “There’s no we.”

Sam, meanwhile, stops by Aunt Vi’s diner to be accosted by her. She tells him he crossed the line. However, Sam’s adamant he wouldn’t do anything like set the mill on fire.

Aunt Vi tells him to find out who set fire to the mill.

Frances reveals to Charley she knows who set fire to the mill.

Charley and Ralph Angel head to Frances’ office and demand to know why she set fire to the mill.

Frances says she knows who set the fire to the mill and says Charley deserved it.

Charley bites back, calling Frances trash and irrelevant.

When she leaves, Charley begins to shake in horror in Ralph Angel’s truck. She subsides when Ralph Angel plays the recording of her conversation with Frances, getting every word she said.

Darla’s worried about Ralph Angel.

Nova returns to Aunt Vi’s dinner and runs into Prosper. He’s happy to see Nova but Aunt Vi is not even at the diner. Meanwhile, Darla sees the news story on the mill and rushes over to the farm to see if Ralph Angel is okay.

Ralph Angel is meeting with Joie’s mom Deesha about the re-entry program when Darla stopped by.

Prosper and Nova talk about the men from the bait shop. The men came into the farm and continued their fight. Prosper tells Nova that Ernest buried the clothes he wore in the fight, not a man.

Hollywood returned home and Aunt Vi’s happy he did. She invited the family over for dinner.

Ralph Angel fights for his reentry program.

During his hearing, Ralph Angel and Deesha give the committee evidence that the arrest on the farm might have been the cause of police misconduct. But the Mill fire could cause him losses that could end his re-entry program. When he reaches the diner for the meeting with the farmers and Charley, the farmers are ready to move on from the mill.

However, Ralph Angel isn’t ready to call it a loss. He does his best to speak against leaving the mill but the other farmers seem ready to walk away and aren’t budging from their stance.

Prosper tells Charley to give the farmers time to come around.

During dinner later that night, Deesha tells Charley that there has to be strong evidence that Frances conspired with arson on the mill. Charley begins to panic as she struggles to come up with answers.

Aunt Vi keeps things together, bringing in Charley back to the dinner table for prayer.

Nova’s not at the dinner and she calls Calvin. Although everyone is safe, they aren’t talking to Nova. While on the phone, she tells Calvin she believes she lost her family.

After dinner, Aunt Vi reaches out to God during prayer asking God to look after Nova.

Calvin returns to see Nova.

The next morning, Calvin visits Nova’s home. She’s happy to see him and Micah stops by Nova’s as well, seeing Calvin. Micah knows him as “The Cop.”

Micah asks if she feels weird dating a white police officer. He then tells her that Calvin feels comfortable being around other cops that assaulted black people.

At the farm, Ralph Angel has to break tough news to his employees. He can’t keep everyone around due to the review as he hands some of them their final paychecks. Meanwhile, Charley’s at home feeling anxious and worried about finding answers. Fed up, Charley heads to the mill, desperate for evidence to prove Frances and Jacob had something to do with the fire.

Sam tells Charley he had nothing to do with the fire.

Charley finds her Queen Sugar Mill under ash. She cries out while sweeping it. Her cries were interrupted when Sam Landry walked in. Sam wants to pay his respects.

“None of you even know the meaning of that word. Especially Frances.” – Charley

Sam’s adamant he had nothing to do with the fire but Charley doesn’t want to hear it.

That evening, Dessha and Ralph Angel are having a candlelight dinner. Ralph Angel wants to thank her for everything she’s done for him. During their dinner, Dessha opens up on an experience similar to what Ralph Angel’s dealing with.

She encourages him to stay the course. She then sits on his lap, kissing him. Ralph Angel asks Deesha to stay the night and she agrees.

Meanwhile, Kiki and Micah are making out in his car. Kiki was worried about him and is very happy he’s safe. Their prom is coming up and she wants to begin making plans. And by plans, she’s referring to losing their v*rginity.

Nova asks Calvin about witnessing his partners abuse black people while in uniform.

Calvin and Nova are having dinner and Nova asks if Calvin witnessed other cops abuse black people. He has, telling her he wasn’t brave enough to fight against those injustices. Calvin says being a cop ruined his relationship with Nova.

He apologizes for his past actions, noting he wants to be a better man. As Ralph Angel sleeps, Darla calls, waking him up. Darla calls him in tears to see how he is. She offers to take Blue for a while. Their conversation goes well while Deesha sleeps.

Charley’s at home when she hears a knock at the door. It is Romero and he’s not happy to find out about Charley making her employees working during a hurricane.

She’s apologetic but Romeo seems to not accept it. He leaves in disgust. The episode ends with Charley staring off into the distance.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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