‘Queen Sugar’ Recap: Darla Falls Apart + Aunt Vi & Ralph Angel Put Her Back Together

Queen Sugar Season 4 Episode 10
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Nova finally speaks to Aunt Vi.

The episode begins with Aunt Vi threatening to kick Nova out of the diner. Nova pleads for Aunt Vi to listen to her but Aunt Vi blames Nova for bringing Jimmy Dale back around.

Aunt Vi gets an apology from Nova, and Nova tells her she meant no harm, wishing she talked to Aunt Vi about it. Aunt Vi asks if Nova got a no from her about Jimmy Dale, would she have listened.

Meanwhile, Micah picks up Blue from Darla’s for a day of fun together. After they leave, Darla gets a call from her mom. Her old friend Jordan’s in town but Darla says she doesn’t have time to see her.

Charley invites Nova out on a trip.

Back at the diner, Charley gives Nova an early birthday gift. But Nova believes her birthday won’t be much to celebrate. Nova’s also surprised when Charley invites her to a getaway.

Nova accepts and they get ready to leave. The two are driving in Charley’s jeep and the conversation is minimal. Charley says the insurance won’t cover the mill fire because police suspect it’s arson. Nova says she can help look into Frances’ involvement with the fire and Old World Energy.

Eventually, Charley and Nova arrive at a retreat where they enter into an elaborate, white tent.

Blue and Micah are taking photos at a carnival when Micah asks Blue about Ralph Angel liking Deesha. Micah tells Blue that it’s okay if he feels sad about it and to look forward to having two Christmases and bedrooms to decorate.

While on the retreat, Nova apologizes for the book and Remy, saying she should’ve talked to Charley first. Charley responds by saying she doesn’t understand Nova and asks her why she rushes into things head-first.

Nova says she suspected Charley never would’ve approved if she asked for either, and claims it’s a flaw she has to correct.

Darla relapses.

Darla reluctantly hangs out with her friend Jordan. Jordan reveals she’s looking to leave DC for New Orleans. Jordan’s a person that pressures Darla to break her sobriety. During their conversation, Jordan revealed details of a time where she may have slept with multiple men. While Jordan says that night was wild and epic, the story shocks Darla.

When Jordan recalls the multiple men Darla slept with that night, it shocks Darla and she runs out of the restaurant. Darla’s pacing outside of the restaurant and then sees a bar. She enters and it’s pretty quiet as she sits.

The bartender pours her a shot and she stares. Eventually, she gives in, taking the shot, asking for another.

While out with Blue, Micah gets a text from Kiki about Ant coming home. Blue takes the opportunity to use the bathroom, heading into the girls’ bathroom. Micah can’t find him and they get separated. Blue is discovered by an officer who puts out a message of a lost kid.

At the diner, Ignacio’s still getting the cold shoulder from Aunt Vi. She eventually caves, allowing him to show her how to use her new Apple Watch.

Back at the amusement park, Micah comes across the officer and things get tense. When Blue says Micah’s his cousin, the officer releases Blue to Micah.

Darla’s found by Aunt Vi.

Aunt Vi is startled from her walk in the park when she comes across Darla distressed, asking to find Blue. That night, Hollywood is seasoning ribs while hanging out with Prosper and Ralph Angel. Charley and Nova are still on their retreat in the woods.

Inside the tent, Nova brings up how Charley left her alone at a party in LA, dismissing their sisterhood. Charley remembers the time differently.

This conversation seemingly brings them both closer together.

Aunt Vi was able to get Darla to her home and Darla’s breaking down. Aunt Vi tries to get Darla to talk about what happened in an effort not to destroy everything Darla worked for. Eventually, Darla brings up the infamous night when Blue was conceived. She tells Aunt Vi that she doesn’t remember any of the men she was with.

Aunt Vi helps Darla realized she was raped at the party. She also revealed Jimmy Dale did the same thing to her, multiple times. The two seemingly grow closer due to their unfortunate life experiences.

When Blue gets home, Blue tells everyone what happened with the police and Prosper notices Micah’s disdain. Prosper tells Micah to keep his head up and keep the police from taking him to his dark place.

Darla reveals details surrounding Blue’s conception.

Next, Aunt Vi calls Ralph Angel, telling him to come see Darla. Darla wanted to use the moment to tell Ralph Angel about the night Blue was conceived, revealing she was raped by multiple men.

Darla struggles with this revelation, breaking down in tears, which causes Ralph Angel to cry with her. Ralph Angel tells her she doesn’t have to be sorry.

Darla apologizes for drinking and drug use. Ralph Angel says it won’t change how he looks at Blue. Later that morning, he looks at his phone and notices missed calls from Deesha. He walks into Darla’s room and she awakens from her slumber.

The episode ends with Ralph Angel gently caressing Darla’s face.

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