LHHH Recap: Apryl Says Fizz Deserves to Sleep with Her + K. Michelle Has Second Thoughts

LHHH Season 6 Episode 7
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Lyrica packs her bags, K. Michelle has doubts.

Lyrica is done. Outside she argues with A1 and Pam. At this point, she wants to move out. She’s taking an overnight bag but she will be back for the rest of her things later. She wants to move on from the relationship and she’s ready to rediscover herself.

K. Michelle is drained from the IVF process. She pays a visit to her lawyer to get his opinion on some things. She’s seeing red flags with her surrogate. The other day her surrogate and her surrogate’s boyfriend went on social media and said she’s having K. Michelle’s baby. Plus, the boyfriend asked for a record deal. K. Michelle also doesn’t like that her surrogate calls her every day. It’s hard for K. Michelle to trust anyone after the Paris situation. Her lawyer reminds her that she can always find another surrogate. In a green screen interview, K. Michelle says it may be time to look for someone else.

Spectacular and Ray J are playing pool. They talk about how crazy it was that Apryl was backstage during B2K’s show in LA. Not too long after, Fizz arrives with J Boog. Fizz denies being in a relationship with Apryl, but none of the men are buying it. Boog says he feels like the situation is affecting Omarion and Fizz says this is news to him. Regardless, Boog says that people need to be honest and careful that they don’t ruin the tour.

Apryl hears about the complaints.

Apple Watts and Misster Ray are en route to the plastic surgeon’s office. Apparently, Apple is getting ready to get some work done on her boobs. Ray is there for emotional support. When they pull up, Misster Ray says the place looks like a sketchy strip mall. The doctor says they have to be careful because she’s anemic. But she’s been taking iron pills, so she hopes her bloodwork will look good enough to move forward. The results will come back in the next day. And if everything looks good, she can get the surgery.

Lyrica checks in a hotel with her mother. Not too long later, Sia comes by to check on her. Lyrica’s mother feels like Pam is causing problems by intervening. And Summer Bunni makes things even worse with her Instagram rants. Sia says, “She needs her a*s beat.” Regardless, Lyrica says it’s not about Summer. Her issues are really with A1. And he should have been faithful. Being a single mother is something Lyrica isn’t sure she’s ready to be. But she knows the relationship is not good for her.

Apryl and Fizz go out to dinner. They talk about her getting fired from Hollywood Unlocked. He says that she was the best part of the show, so she’ll be fine. He tells Apryl how people aren’t comfortable with Apryl being at B2K’s shows. But Apryl doesn’t care because Omarion brought their son on stage and he didn’t tell her beforehand. Plus, she doesn’t believe she can break up a group that already had issues.

Paris and Zell try to steer Apryl away from Chicago.

Apryl catches up with Paris and Zell. She tells them she plans to go to B2K’s Chicago show. She’s from Chicago and she wants to see her family. Zell and Paris try to convince Apryl not to go. But she says that Omarion shouldn’t even care because she was just his “trash.” Regardless, Apryl will just go to Chicago to see her family and take some time to think about if she wants to go to the show. Paris all go with her.

Zell catches them up about what happened with Lyrica and Summer Bunni. He admits he was trying to be messy by talking to Summer on Instagram. But his loyalty is to Lyrica. And he doesn’t want her to think he doesn’t have her back.

Moniece and K. Michelle hang out. They discuss Moniece touring with Apryl. Moniece denies trying to be messy. But K. Michelle says the smart thing to do is to get in the studio and focus on her music. They switch up the topics and discuss K. Michelle’s surrogacy drama. Moniece tells K. Michelle to do what’s right for her and her family.

Lyrica G. and Pam clash.

When Apryl and Paris arrive in Chicago, she talks about her breakup with Omarion. She says it feels like it came out of nowhere. And she was stressed out and Fizz was there for her. Apryl says, “Man it was really hard for me.” And she feels like Fizz deserves to have s*x with her.

Lyrica’s mom Lyrica G meets up with Pam at a restaurant. The two mothers feel like they need to talk so they can figure out how to get A1 and Lyrica back on track. Lyrica G. says that Pam has said some unfair things to Lyrica. But she believes Pam should apologize to her for their past issues. Pam wants an apology too and this angers Lyrica G. After words are exchanged, Pam storms off.

Apple Watts is cleared for her surgery. So she’s at the office with Misster Ray and her “fake dad’s” real daughter. Before things begin, Ray says a prayer.

K. Michelle meets with Tonai, the woman she wanted to be her surrogate. The episode ends before they can start the conversation.

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