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‘Power’ Recap: Tasha Comes Through for Tariq + Jason Moves on Tommy & Ghost

Ghost checks Tariq.

Tariq wakes up to a gun in his face. Ghost is holding it. He tells Tariq he knows he was the one who helped Tommy get into the penthouse. And he believes Tariq isn’t loyal because he aided Tommy into trying to kill him. But Tariq says Tommy promised it wasn’t Ghost he was after. Either way, he’s been stealing drugs from Tommy so he owed him. Ghost tells Tariq that he would be dead if he wasn’t his son. But Tariq needs to understand he isn’t smarter than Ghost. And he needs to stop stealing drugs from Tommy. After the tense conversation, Ghost tells Tariq to get dressed so they can take a ride.

They arrive at the penthouse. Ghost shows Tariq all the damage he helped Tommy cause. Tariq goes to Raina’s old bedroom and shows Ghost the money he stashed away from selling drugs. Ghost takes the money and tells Tariq that he owes him. And he better not talk to Tommy again or he’ll let Tommy know that Tariq was stealing drugs.

Keisha wants Tommy to leave Tariq alone.

Tommy and Keisha talk about Ghost. Keisha says it’s only a matter of time before Ghost figures out that Tariq helped Tommy kill Proctor. Tommy agrees and hands her a gun to keep on her for safety. When she asks him to cut off Tariq after Tommy kills Ghost, Tommy says he could never do that. Tariq will always be his family.

Tasha gets an update from Ghost about his tense conversation with Tariq. To be expected, Tasha is upset that Ghost pulled a gun out on Tariq. But Ghost says the gun wasn’t loaded and he believes that he got to Tariq. The plan is to get Tariq into college and get him out of the drug business. Tasha doesn’t think this will work. And although Ghost took all of Tariq’s money, he’s just going to find a way to make more cash. Tariq eavesdrops on the entire conversation.

Keisha and 2 Bit clash.

2 Bit, Spanky and Grim are at Tommy’s warehouse. They have no idea when or how Tommy is going to get more product. But they are running low. As 2 Bit begins to check inventory, he notices that some drugs have been stolen. Keisha walks in as this happens. She suspects that 2 Bit and the others are the ones stealing. So she threatens to tell Tommy and 2 Bit grabs her arm out of anger. She gets mad and storms away. Grim and Spanky tell 2 Bit that him grabbing Keisha won’t end well for any of them.

Derek walks in on his wife Cassandra and Tate having s*x. Cassandra tells Derek she hasn’t been happy in the marriage for a while. And she planned on telling him what was going on once the campaign was over. Derek is angry and he says he’s going to tell people what’s been going on. And the voters will know too.

Keisha figures out what Tariq has been up to.

Keisha walks into Tommy’s place and finds he isn’t there. She texts him saying they need to talk about 2 Bit. There’s a knock at the door. Keisha takes out the gun Tommy gave her and opens it. It turns out to be Tariq. He tells her Ghost pulled out a gun on him earlier. So he needs to talk to Tommy. But Keisha tells Tariq he deserved it. And she wants him to stay away because every time Tariq comes near, so does Ghost. She also suspects that it could have been Tariq stealing Tommy’s drugs after he asks if Tommy is in Brooklyn. Before Tariq leaves, Keisha tells him not to come around anymore.

As Tariq walks out of the building, he finds Tasha there waiting for him. She tells him to get in the car. They are going to where Ghost is so Tariq can explain himself.

Dre gets in position.

After Saxe wraps up a meeting with Warner and Blanca, Warner tells Blanca that Proctor’s ex-wife was in Saxe’s office just days before she overdoses. And all the leads that come in contact with Saxe are going down. So he wants Blanca to start looking into Saxe.

Andre gets his daughter back thanks to Tate. Of course, Tate and his campaign set up a photo opportunity. After the pictures are taken, Ramona calls out Tate for sleeping with Cassandra. Meanwhile, Dre and Ghost catch up. Dre tells Ghost he knows about the robbery. And Ghost accuses Dre of killing Maria, which Dre denies. Now that Dre has his daughter back, he plans on going after Saxe. Ghost confirms he will introduce Dre to Jason as Tommy’s replacement but Dre needs to be careful to stay off of television until that happens. If not, it will be a problem if Tommy sees him in the news.

Tommy plans to confront Tariq.

Tate tells Ghost that Derek looked into him and the rest of his campaign donors. And there’s a chance Derek will expose Ghost as revenge. So Tate needs Ghost to handle Derek. Ghost agrees to as long as Tate can contact people on the board of the school he wants Tariq to go to.

Jason has Tommy meet Rodolfo. Rodolfo happens to be one of the leaders of a gang out in California. Jason says that he may send Tommy to California to work with Rodolfo since he’s been having so much success. Later on, Tommy goes back home. He talks to Keisha and she tells him she thinks Tariq stole drugs from the warehouse. But Tommy doesn’t think Tariq would do this. Keisha says he had to because there’s no other way he could have known Tommy’s warehouse is in Brooklyn. Regardless, Tommy says he will ask Tariq and he knows Tariq won’t lie to him.

Tariq gets help from Dre.

Tariq meets up with Dre. He tells Dre he needs product and Dre says he’s not holding. Plus, he’s trying to stay on Ghost’s good side. However, he will hook Tariq up after things work out with Jason. Tariq isn’t buying this. And he threatens to tell Tommy that Dre is back on the scene. So Dre opens up a diaper bag and gives him some product wrapped up in a diaper. He’s giving Tariq a week to sell it.

Blanca goes to Elisa Marie’s school. She tells her she’s investigating to find out who killed Proctor. Elisa says that she was with Tariq and he took her out through the backdoor to get some hot chocolate. Proctor’s daughter then freaks out when she notices the unicorn her mother gave her is missing. The unicorn was used by Saxe to bug her book bag.

Ghost will handle Keisha.

Ghost meets Derek in the parking lot of his building. Derek confirms his marriage is over and Tate was sleeping with his wife. But Ghost tells Derek that he doesn’t have to get even and tell the world. And he wants to offer Derek an opportunity that could change his life.

Blanca goes into Saxe’s office while he’s away. She looks in his drawers and locates the unicorn. She discovers the disk inside it and takes it.

Tasha, Tariq, and Ghost attend an interview for Callister Prep. Everything goes well and Tariq is accepted. Later on, Tariq tells Tasha and Ghost that he went to Tommy’s place to say goodbye but Tommy wasn’t there. He spoke to Keisha and he thinks Keisha knows he stole the drugs. And he’s in danger if Tommy finds out. Ghost says he will handle it.

Jason hears out Ghost.

Ramona meets with Cassandra. She gives her an NDA to sign and says that she can marry Tate and salvage her image. But Cassandra doesn’t want to do that. Ramona figures out that Cassandra really wants to run for congress. So she won’t be going public with the affair.

Ghost finds LaKeisha in the parking lot. He tells her that she should get out of the drug game because she’s not cut out for it. And at some point, she will have to choose between Tommy and her son Cash. He writes a check and tells her she should leave her New York life behind her and move somewhere sunny like Atlanta to give Cash a better life. Ghost gives her the check and tells her to think about it before walking away.

Dre meets Saxe. Saxe tells Dre that he still owes him information on Ghost. But Dre says he owes him nothing because he got his daughter back. Saxe threatens to have him arrested for Maria’s death even though Dre says he didn’t do it. To keep from having more legal problems, Dre reluctantly allows Saxe to put an ankle monitor on him. He must now help Saxe put Ghost in prison.

Jason and Ghost talk about Dre. Ghost says Dre will be the perfect replacement for Tommy. Jason is open to this and plans to meet Dre later that night. If he likes Dre, Jason will give Ghost permission to kill Tommy.

Derek is on board.

Tommy goes back to the warehouse and waits on 2 Bit. They have a tense conversation and he tells 2 Bit he knows he didn’t steal the drugs. So he’s not going to kill him. However, he fires 2 Bit and Spanky. On the way out, Spanky warns Tommy that Keisha will be his downfall.

Back at Tate’s campaign headquarters, Ramona tells Tate that Cassandra signed an NDA. And all they have to do is get her a congressional seat. Tate agrees to this and tells Ramona that they should get married because it would be great for “optics”. But Ramona isn’t interested and says she could actually have feelings for someone else. Ghost walks into the office with Derek. And he says Derek will keep his mouth closed and have a no-contest divorce as long as he is made the project manager of The Queen’s Child Project. This must come with a sizable increase in pay.

Tommy is done with Tariq.

2 Bit and Spanky make plans. They want to get back in Tommy’s good graces. First, they think killing Ghost will do this. But after they see Dre in the news, they decide that they need to bring Dre to Tommy to kill. They also decide to get one of Spanky’s friends named Mozzy to scare Keisha.

Tommy and Tariq meet on a rooftop. After a while, Tariq admits he stole drugs from Tommy. But he only did it because he was running low and didn’t want any trouble with Vincent. Tommy gets mad and hangs him over the rooftop. Tariq begs for his life and Tommy doesn’t kill him. But he tells Tariq that he can never trust him again. And they are no longer family.

Things get real for Keisha.

Keisha is at her hair salon. A man, possibly Mozzy, walks in. She tells him the shop is closed but he comes in anyway, placing an umbrella in the door handles. He grabs Keisha by the neck and tells her to leave town before Ghost takes something from her she can’t get back. She grabs her gun and kills him. She breaks down in tears as she looks at the blood on her hands.

While Dre is walking to his car that night, Spanky and 2 Bit creep up on him. They grab him and bring him to the warehouse. Tommy sees him and orders him to be killed. But Dre says he’s playing both sides and the feds put a monitor on him. Tommy still wants him in the dirt and takes his phone as 2 Bit and Spanky lock Dre in the truck. Tommy sees a text message to Dre from Ghost talking about their upcoming meeting with Jason. Tommy gets a call from Keisha telling him to come to the salon now.

When he gets there, she’s crying and injured. She shows him the corpse of the man she killed. Keisha believes Ghost set this up because the man mentioned him. She tells Tommy she just wants to live a normal life in the suburbs with Cash. She asks Tommy if they can have that life together and he says yes.

Jason makes his move.

Later, Tommy shows up to Jason’s. While Ghost is talking to Jason, Tommy demands to talk to Ghost outside. But Jason intervenes and says that he is forcing them to make peace. They will work together and sell his drugs. And if either of them ends up dead, he’s killing the other.

Back at Tommy’s warehouse, 2 Bit and Spanky discuss what to do with Dre along with Grim. Spanky ad 2 Bit decide they need to get in touch with someone they know from some help. So they leave Grim alone to watch Dre. Dre is able to get his wrists free. He keeps them behind his back and begs Grim to let him call his daughter one last time. Grim gives in and asks for the phone number. Dre tricks him and steals his gun. He then kills Grim before leaving the warehouse.

Warner dismisses Saxe.

Saxe is called into the office with Warner and Blanca. Blanca plays the recording of Proctor’s wife overdosing and Proctor not helping her. Warner figures out that Saxe flipped Proctor and tried to cover this up after he was killed. Since the wire was illegal and Saxe was unethical, he is placed on administrative leave. Saxe will be investigated and Warner plans to have him disbarred.

While Ghost is talking to Ramona about what went down with Derek and Tate, Tommy storms in demanding to be left alone with Ghost. Ramona leaves and Tommy tells Ghost he will have to pay for sending a hitter to take out Keisha. Ghost says he didn’t send anyone to hurt Keisha but he did offer her money to leave town. Tommy doesn’t buy this and says Ghost wants revenge for Angela’s death. But Ghost says nothing can be done to get revenge for Angela’s death. Regardless, Ghost says that he and Tommy must work together to kill Jason. Ghost needs Tommy to plant the weapon so he can kill Jason. Tommy agrees to this but both also agree that they will attempt to kill each other once Jason is gone.

Tasha decides to help Tariq.

Tommy takes Keisha to a beautiful house. He tells her he bought it and it’s for them. He will always provide for her and keep her safe. Keisha loves the house and kisses him passionately.

Tasha is talking to Tariq. He tells her everything that happened with Tommy. She asks Tariq what he wants out of life. He’s not sure but promises he will go to school and stay out of trouble since he only has her left. But Tasha doesn’t believe this. She knows Tariq won’t stop trying to sell drugs because that’s who he is. She knows him not knowing what he’s doing will get him killed. And she wants him to become better than Ghost and truly master being legit and selling drugs. Tariq agrees with this. He puts the product Dre gave him on the table. He wants to sell it in a way that no one else gets hurt and he needs her to show him how. Tasha says, “Alright, Tariq. I’ma teach you the game.”

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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Amanda is a TV junkie with a passion for all things reality television. She's from Decatur, GA.



  1. Niecy

    October 6, 2019 at 9:19 pm

    Ugh why Tasha?

  2. BigRichTown

    October 6, 2019 at 9:35 pm

    Everyone knows Grim got a soft spot for kids. He was the one who stepped up when
    Tariq was “kidnapped” so when Dre said he wanted to call his daughter Grim let his guard down. Also Grim had more brawn than brains but he had a heart and was loyal like Julio.
    When Tasha said “I’ma teach you the game.” I threw my blunt at the TV. I get why but girl, no!

  3. Barbee

    October 6, 2019 at 9:38 pm

    Jason has to go.

  4. Deb

    October 6, 2019 at 9:55 pm

    Tasha teaching Tariq the game will not end well.

  5. Anonymous

    October 6, 2019 at 10:43 pm

    There was emphasis put on Ghost telling Tariq he’s not smarter than him. I think Dre will end up betraying him and Tariq will die trying to become a better version of Ghost.

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