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‘Power’ Recap: LaKeisha Feels the Pressure + Tasha Makes a Tough Decision

Dre wants Saxe taken care of.

As Saxe is leaving his house, he gets confronted by Dre. Dre demands that the ankle monitor is taken off. But Saxe says he will only take off the monitor if Dre gives him info on Ghost or Tommy. Dre refuses and Saxe walks away with his middle finger up in the air.

Dre then calls Ghost and tells him he escaped Tommy’s men. But he needs Ghost to kill Saxe so he can be free from the feds. Ghost refuses and says he’s not killing anyone. And Dre missing the meeting with Jason was a problem. Dre explains he couldn’t attend the meeting with the monitor on. But Ghost isn’t hearing this. And tells him that they are done due to the ankle monitor.

Saxe is running out of options.

Keisha, Cash, and Tommy have moved into their new home in the suburbs. For Keisha, it’s going to take some time to get used to not being in the city. She tells Cash that he can’t walk to his new school. They will pick him up and drop him off because he’s one of the only black kids out there. Tommy tells Cash to let him know if he has any problems with anyone, including the cops.

Saxe meets with Tameika in her office. She tells him Warner will prosecute him for everything he’s done. But Saxe and Tameika believe he can avoid this if he can prove Tommy killed Angela and Proctor.

So he goes to Tariq’s new school. And tells him he knows he helped Tommy get in Ghost’s penthouse to kill Proctor. Tariq shuts down the conversation. And he threatens to contact Tasha and Ghost since it’s illegal for him to be questioned without his parents. So Saxe backs off.

Kate tells Keisha what happened to Holly.

Saxe then goes to Tommy’s new house and catches Keisha before she walks into the house. He urges her to think about what’s she’s doing because if she knows anything about Tommy’s crimes, she’s going to prison too. But Keisha doesn’t give in. And refuses to talk.

Tariq is in class. He impresses his teacher with one of his answers. So he is asked to stay behind after the class concludes. His teacher asks if Tariq has any drugs on him because he heard that’s why he was kicked out of Choate. And Tariq could make a lot of money at his new school. After Tariq says no, the teacher demands to see Tariq’s backpack. When he discovers there are no drugs inside, he tells Tariq he’s on the right track and he can go.

Kate pops up at Tommy and Keisha’s new house. She has her things and intends to move in even though Tommy bought her a house. Kate taunts Keisha about Holly and says Tommy killed her with his bare hands after she broke his trust. Keisha acts like she’s okay with this and kicks Kate out.

Tasha and Tariq have a plan.

Tariq recaps what happened at school with Tasha. She’s impressed by how he handled Saxe. But when he tells her Keisha is the one who told Tommy he stole the drugs, Tasha feels some type of way about it. Tariq also tells Tasha his teacher, Mr. Radnor, acts like he wants to sell Tariq’s product. Tasha agrees his teacher could end up being a good primera. But he tells him to be careful because he’s being watched. Her mother walks in on them talking with Tasha’s cash on her desk. She goes off on Tasha and tells her she’s making the wrong decisions with Tariq and Jesus is the only one who can save Tariq and Tasha.

Tariq goes by to see Ghost and asks for his tuition check. He tells Ghost about Saxe rolling up on him at school. Before Ghost can react, Ramona arrives. Ghost introduces her to Tariq and she tells him what she does in politics. After she says she believes Ghost could become a politician one day, Tariq says he doubts this since a background check would be required. Ghost then tells Tariq he should be leaving and Ramona tells Tariq that like Ghost, Tariq can do anything he puts mind to.

Blanca and Saxe agree to work together.

Saxe shows up at Blanca’s house. After a testy meeting with Blanca’s wife, Saxe tells Blanca that he thinks he can nail Keisha. Since Keisha’s name is on Tommy’s house, that makes her an accomplice. And she has to know that Tommy killed Proctor.

Blanca recognizes Keisha’s name and says that Keisha gave a statement in Raymond Jones’ case and she identified Kanan Stark as the shooter. But she noticed that it was actually Tariq who picked up Kanan’s ashes. And that’s fishy since Tariq was the one who accused Kanan of kidnapping him. Saxe gives Blanca the serial number to Dre’s ankle monitor and they agree to work together.

Tate screws up.

Blanca then finds Dre at a restaurant with his daughter. She tells him that she needs to know what really happened to Ray Ray because there’s no way Kanan killed him. Kanan wasn’t even in town at the time. Dre says he will tell her what he knows if she can agree to taking down Saxe for what he did to Dre. Blanca agrees even though Saxe believes they are working together. Dre says he doesn’t know who pulled the trigger but Tariq came to him and asked where he could find Raymond after Raina was killed.

It’s debate night for Tate. Before things begin, he goes off on Ghost and talks recklessly about his opponent and forgets his mic is on. The audience is shocked.

Mr. Radnor’s background information is revealed.

Tariq breaks into his teacher’s classroom and finds past due notices regarding multiple bills. He does more digging and learns Mr. Radnor’s parents were busted for a Ponzi scheme. Radnor’s dad killed himself and his mother is serving 30 years. So Tariq knows his teacher needs the money. Tasha agrees that having Radnor work for them could be a genius move.

Ramona tells Tate he needs to drop out of the race. Bashing his opponent and Ghost was a very bad look and upsetting to voters. Tate doesn’t want to do this. After Ramona tells him he needs Ghost to get back good with voters, Tate agrees to have Ghost on board.

Keisha feels the pressure.

After picking up Cash from school, Keisha sees lights flashing behind them. She pulls over and gets approached by Blanca. Blanca also has child services with her. They have Cash and Keisha step out the car. After Cash is put in the police car, Blanca tells Keisha the feds are closing in on Tommy. And if she doesn’t sign a cooperation agreement, she will lose Cash to the system. Keisha breaks down and agrees to sign it. Blanca then says she will place Cash and Keisha in witness protection.

Ramona tells Ghost that Tate wants to play nice in front of the reporters. But it doesn’t matter because his democratic opponent wants Ghost as her lieutenant governor. So all they have to do is play along until Tate is completely out of the picture.

Tommy confronts Keisha.

After dropping off Cash at basketball practice, Cash tells Tommy that he and Keisha were pulled over by cops. When Tommy sees Keisha at home, he goes off on her for not telling him. She explains she’s been scared to tell him things because Kate just told her he killed Holly. When Tommy realizes that she still didn’t leave him, he reveals her name is on the house because it’s been paid off in full. He just wanted to make sure she would be okay if something happened to him.

Tariq and Tasha get Mr. Radnor the drugs. They leave the drugs in his trunk and text that he will not know the identity of who he is working for. When Radnor sees Tariq, he plays clueless. And Radnor drops and assuming he’s not working for Tariq.

Keisha tries to back out.

Tommy calls Ghost and says they need to pull up on Saxe. But Ghost says no and Tommy needs to go through with this. Not too long after, Blanca comes to see Ghost. She tells him that they are moving on Proctor’s killer but Ghost refuses to give her any information. After Ghost complains about Saxe, she tells him Saxe was suspended. After he leaves, Blanca takes the glass he was drinking out of.

Keisha calls Blanca. She wants to back out of the deal. But Blanca says it’s too late to do this. And she will lose immunity if she doesn’t move forward with the agreement.

Tommy and Ghost meet up to head to Saxe’s place. They bust in on him and he begs for his life. Before Tommy can kill him, he begs for his life. And Ghost decides it would be smarter to have Saxe work for them and let them know what the feds are doing. Saxe agrees to this.

Ghost tells Tasha that the feds may be plotting on Tariq.

Blanca updates Warner. She took the glass Ghost was using and got the DNA taken from it. It matches the blood found at Raymond’s place the night he was killed. Since it’s 50% of Ghost’s DNA, they know it’s Tariq’s blood. Dre is also there and signs his formal complaint about Saxe. The ankle monitor is removed.

Ghost calls Tasha to tell her that he believes the feds may be looking back into Raymond’s death. They know that the alibi Keisha gave was a lie. Plus, the feds have been in contact with Keisha. And they threatened to take her son away which means she may end up giving up Tariq. He urges Tasha to talk to Keisha because she’s afraid of him. After they hang up, Blanca shows up to Tasha’s place. She tells Tasha that Tariq’s DNA was found at Raymond’s place. So it’s only a matter of time before there’s a warrant out for him.

Ghost catches up with Tate. Tate is furious that Ghost missed their meeting with the press. It was supposed to be his way to save face for his latest controversy. But since Ghost was a no show, the Queens City Project is no more.

Tasha rolls up on Keisha.

Saxe has another meeting with Warner. He tells him that Ghost and Tommy almost killed him. And Tommy confessed to killing Angela. But Warner isn’t buying this. And he tells Saxe that Dre filed a formal complaint and he’s fired.

Tasha rolls up to Keisha and Tommy’s house. She goes off and accuses Keisha of talking to the feds. But Keisha says she didn’t talk to anyone. And she only signed the cooperation agreement so that Child Services would give Cash back. She packed up all her things so she and Cash could disappear. Tasha believes Keisha will snitch on Tariq. But Keisha says she never would and the feds want her to snitch on Tommy. She can’t do it and feels it’s best to run. Tasha takes Keisha’s keys and says she can’t leave until Tommy gets back.

Meanwhile, Cash and Tommy are out looking at engagement rings.

Keisha meets her demise.

After Tasha refuses to let Keisha leave before Tommy gets there, Keisha eyes her purse. Tasha asks her what’s in the purse and Keisha runs to it to take out her gun. The two women start fighting and wrestling over the gun. Keisha is accidentally shot and falls to the ground. She begs for her life but Tasha apologizes before shooting her in the head. Tasha somberly takes Keisha’s signed cooperation agreement with her before leaving.

Tommy and Cash return. Cash has flowers in his hands and he and Tommy exit the car so Tommy can propose. Tommy notices something is off. And he looks inside the windows before entering. He sees Keisha’s corpse and tells Cash to stay in the car until he comes to get him. When Tommy enters the house, he falls to his knees and sobs in front of Keisha’s body.

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