‘Greenleaf’ Recap: Kerissa Comes Clean to Jacob + Charity Gets Played

Greenleaf Season 4 Episode 10
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AJ’s turning himself in.

The congregation is stunned when Grace stepped down as the church’s pastor. Jaws drop even further when she walks out of the sanctuary, she pulls AJ with her, demanding to know why he showed up to the church. AJ responds, telling Grace he wants to turn himself in.

Once at home, Mae’s reflecting with tea on her balcony. At the church, Bob is berating Judee and Phil, demanding control of Calvary’s board now. After snitching on Phil, Bob responds by sending Judee home to Phoenix. When she storms out, Bob wants to know about Charity, noting that he’s still mad at Phil for breaking Judee’s heart.

Back at home, Mae lays into Charity. She knows Charity told Phil about AJ and Grace. Mae than proceeds to dig into Charity by telling Charity that she’s Phil little pawn. Meanwhile, Grace is convinced AJ is still holding back when he tells Aaron and her that he wants to turn himself in to police. However, AJ storms out when Aaron suggests to AJ to stop stalling and turn himself in now. Interestingly, Kerissa brushes off Grace when she heads to an urgent care hospital. Dante is also a gentleman of sorts when he walks Sophia back to her car.

Kerissa gets bad news from the doctor.

Kerissa doesn’t get the best news from the urgent care doctor when she learns she has chlamydia.

Later on, James and Mae learn from two members of the board that Bob wants to fully dissolve Calvary into Harmony and Hope. Mae becomes furious when she realizes Charity is going to vote with Harmony and Hope. Speaking of Charity, she confronts Phil about turning her back on the family and he persuades Charity to vote with H & H. But James thinks he can talk Charity of out that power play.

That night, Jacob tries to make love to Kerissa and is stopped. But he continues to cuddle her when she’s reading the Bible. In Charity’s room, James tells Charity she will regret everything for the rest of her life if she votes with Bob Whitmore at the board meeting.

Sophia’s worried about AJ but he wants her to forget he even exists when he leaves to turn himself in. However, he storms off and didn’t tell her what he’s about to do. Meanwhile, James gets news about the board’s vote at the meeting and Mae gets a call from Bob, asking to talk about the future of Calvary. Upstairs, Kerissa confesses to Jacob about sleeping with Fernando and contracting chlamydia. Jacob responds by kicking her out and telling her that their marriage is over. She then calls Fernando with the interesting news.

Desperate, Bob gives Mae a proposal to lead the church.

Mae makes it to the church and hears from Bob that he wants Calvary to be Harmony and Hope’s home church. Bob also asks Mae to be by his side to bring the church into the future. Before giving Bob an answer, she proceeds to talk to Bob about Phil.

As this goes on, Sophia’s ready to sleep with Dante at his house. Meanwhile, Fernando shows Kerissa a will for the Greenleaf house. Mac’s the executor of the will and James and Mae were left the house by Mrs. Davis who died in a robbery attempt. She then lets him know about the chlamydia, slapping Fernando before leaving his office. AJ tells Grace he’s going to turn himself in the following morning but won’t tell her why he’s going to do it.

That night, James and Mae argue about Bob’s proposal. He storms out of their room when he learns from Mae she agreed to Bob’s proposal. Later on, Phil proposes to Charity at his home.

The Greenleafs worse fear materialize.

The next morning, Bob lets Phil know Mae’s taking his place and Phil demands to know what he can do to change his mind. Meanwhile, Jacob learns from Kerissa about Mrs. Davis’ will. Kerissa says Mrs. Davis was murdered so the Greenleafs could secure the mansion. Phil lets Mae know that not only is he keeping his position within Harmony and Hope, but the church is also being demolished. He then tells Charity he will be marrying Judee, not her. She responds by kicking him out of her home.

After all of this, Grace is in their yard praying to God over Faith’s grave. While praying, a man walks up to Grace to let her know that everything has an expiration date.

What are your thoughts about the episode?

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  1. I think the young man away the end represents how Grace temporarily made her son her God. She was willing to forgo everything to be with him help him etc. She lied to the police to protect him. She was praying to God.

  2. Have not been real pleased with the story lines this season, still did not miss an episode! I do believe that Bassy Skanks and AJ are connected and that he is not Grace’s real son!
    Hoping next season will be longer, seemed so short this time

  3. Love Greenleaf…I think AJ was for sure hiding something and the boy that walked out of the woods has the answers. Charity is just naive. Love Jacob and he needs to get Ms.Crazy out of there!! Love the bishop but Mae has done him wrong. Anxious for season to return. Greenleaf and Queen Sugar are great stories!!!

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