‘Married to Medicine’ Star Dr. Jackie Walters Says Buffie Purselle Blocked Her on Instagram + Backlash is Hurtful

Photo Credit: Bravo

In an interview with “The Daily Dish,” Dr. Jackie Walters opened up about the situation with Buffie Purselle. Buffie said Jackie has not offered her a sincere apology yet. And Jackie told Dr. Heavenly Kimes that calling Buffie infertile is just like saying a black person is black.

However, Jackie told the “The Daily Dish” that she has apologized to Buffie multiple times. And she can only give Buffie time to process the hurt. But she hates that she caused Buffie that type of pain.

But what’s been “hurtful” to Jackie is the backlash she’s been getting. She said, “Some of them say really mean stuff, but I just see this as one of the things I have to walk through and do. One thing I can say is the people who really know me, they question it. The people who don’t know me, they react.”

Jackie also said Buffie blocked her on Instagram. And Heavenly was the one who forwarded her Buffie’s Instagram post.

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