LHHMIA Recap: Sukihana Clashes With Shay, Gets Phone Stolen + Amara Gets Bad News

Shay clashes with Sukihana.

After Amara says she’s not feeling good, Emjay tells PreMadonna that Julian tried to slip in the bed with Amara. Amara gets upset and says that he wasn’t supposed to tell anyone that. So she demands they leave Brisco’s party early.

Meanwhile, Hood Brat tells Sukihana that Nikki Natural said she outperformed Sukihana at the audition. Sukihana then walks over to Nikki to confront her while Shay is there. Shay isn’t feeling how Sukihana came up to Nikki. So they start arguing. A scuffle ensues and Shay ends up ripping off Sukihan’s sleeve before security breaks them up.

Miami Tip and PreMadonna hash things out.

PreMadonna and Tip catch up. They talk about Sukihana’s blowup with Nikki and Shay. Tip isn’t happy that Sukihana had drama because they are trying to work on advancing her career. So she doesn’t want Sukihana involved in any drama.

Tip says she doesn’t like that PreMadonna went off to Atlanta for a few years and didn’t stay in touch. PreMadonna apologizes for this and says she was just focused on her empire. So she invites Tip to her upcoming launch party.

Emjay is ready to move forward.

Amara and Emjay talk about the heated conversation Emjay had with Julian. Amara says it was wrong for Emjay to confront Julian about trying to sleep with Amara while he was with her in LA.

They shared the same hotel room and Julian was drunk at the time. In a green screen interview, Amara says it was just a “drunken mistake.” She’s worried Julian is going to be mad she told Emjay.

With Julian being her only manager, she doesn’t want problems. And Julian makes her feel like she can’t work with anyone else because he’s been around for so long. But Emjay says it’s time for Amara to fire Julian. And they will meet with a lawyer to end things.

Nikki gets even.

Miami Tip meets up with Sukihana to ask about the blowup she had with Nikki and Shay. Sukihana says that Nikki was wrong to say she outperformed her and Shay came for her first. She’s also convinced one of them stole her phone. Regardless, Tip tells Sukihana that she needs to stay out drama and stay focused on her career.

Nikki and Shay talk about what happened with Sukihana. It’s revealed that Nikki stole Sukihana’s phone during the commotion.

Trick gets real.

Joy tells Trick that she doesn’t think Brisco and Nikki slept together. But Trick says he doesn’t care and he starts flirting with Joy. He still loves Joy and wants them to get back together. But Joy isn’t really trying to do that.

Meanwhile, Brisco feels like he needs to clear the air with Trick about Nikki.

Hoot Brat has an emotional conversation with her nieces and nephews. They have been staying in the projects with her other sister since their mother committed suicide. And she’s going to work hard so they can have a better life.

Joseline tells Trina and Joy that she thinks PreMadonna is jealous of her. And she’s going to send PreMadonna a gift at her launch party.

Amara gets bad news.

Emjay and Amara meet with Amara’s lawyer. Apparently, Julian’s lawyer said Julian wants 100% ownership of her masters if they end their business relationship. Amara feels betrayed.

Joseline gets even.

At PreMadonna’s launch party, Brisco tells Trick he never slept with Nikki. Trick says he doesn’t care because he doesn’t want to be with Nikki anymore. She’s full of drama. After Brisco admits he did go out on a date with Joy, PreMadonna comes up to greet them both.

As PreMadonna is on stage giving her speech, a truck pulls up with a message of Joseline talking trash on a screen. She instructs PreMadonna to open the truck. She does and finds a roasted pig.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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