LHHNY Recap: Tahiry Goes Off on Jonathan + Jim & Chrissy Disagree About Marriage

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Erica thinks it’s time to hash things out.

Tahiry updates Erica about her blowup with Jonathan. Erica doesn’t like that Yandy brought Jonathan as a plus one at her wedding. Both of them feel like Jonathan is messy. And Erica thinks they should invite Jonathan to the birthday party Safaree is planning for her. She feels this is the only way for everyone to hash things out.

As for Tahiry, she thinks Jonathan needs to stop stirring the pot between her and Cyn.

Joe and Jim catch up during a cooking class. Jim says Chrissy has been in Miami for three years and they are trying to get used to living together again. He wants to show a different side but Chrissy feels like he travels too much. But Jim has a weed business in California that he has to keep tabs on. But Jim is hoping learning how to cook can help him become more romantic.

So he’s hoping he can get things back on track by having a date night.

Joe says that he’s only focused on Cyn and his son. He hopes that he can figure things out with Cyn.

PHresher is confronted by Jen.

Jen confronts PHresher about her meeting with Jada. She demands to know if PHresher was cheating on her with Jada. The conversation gets heated quickly. He says he didn’t do anything with Jada and he was trying to tell her that she didn’t have to try to sleep with him to be successful in the music business.

Jen isn’t buying this and security has to step in to keep Jen for attacking PHresher. At this point, he’s still not allowed back in their place.

Cyn doesn’t respect Tahiry.

Jonathan comes over and gives Cyn a recap on what went down at the wedding. He says he had more tension with Tahiry and Joe said that everyone needs to mind their business. And what happened between him and Cyn has nothing to do with anyone else.

Cyn says that she doesn’t respect Tahiry as a woman because Tahiry was slamming Joe on Instagram when he was with Cyn. So the friendship she’s trying to have with Joe now makes Tahiry look messy.

Regardless, Jonathan says that Erica invited him and Cyn to her birthday party. Cyn will only go for Erica.

Tahiry got a mammogram recently. And it came back unclear. She’s nervous about her health. However, she’s willing to fight no matter what the outcome is.

Papoose gives PHresher advice.

PHresher, Papoose, and Safaree meet at a barbershop. He tells them about his situation about Jada. PHresher denies stealing $70,000 from her. Papoose says PHresher has to talk to Jada so the situation doesn’t tear his family apart.

Jim and Chrissy disagree.

Chrissy and Jim have a date night at home. Jim cooks for Chrissy and she’s surprised. They talk about their relationship and Chrissy says she got a lot of criticism for proposing to Jim years ago. Although they still aren’t married, she’s okay with that because it doesn’t make them. Regardless, Jim still wants to get married. Chrissy doesn’t see the point because it won’t really change anything.

Jim still wants to do it but Chrissy doesn’t want the added pressure. They are family regardless.

Jada and PHresher get real.

PHresher meets up with Jada in the studio. Jada wants PHresher to pay her back all the money she paid him to manage her career. That is $70,000. But he thinks paying $35,000 is fair. Jada says she wants a minimum of $40,000 paid back to her.

PHresher admits he was wrong to have sex with her. He admits that they were in love. But he’s fully committed to Jen and their kids. So he wants he and Jada to move on with their lives. And he agrees to give her $40,000 back.

Jonathan is still annoyed by Tahiry.

Safaree takes Erica to her birthday party. When she sees there are more pictures of Safaree than herself, she starts crying and feels as if Safaree made it all about himself. Safaree makes things right by gifting Erica with a new puppy named Pac-Man.

Cyn and Jonathan arrive. Erica and Cyn make some small talk and continue to get along well.

Jonathan has small talk with Yandy and Tahiry. Tahiry says she’s been celibate but can go back to an ex so it really wouldn’t count. In a green screen interview, Jonathan says he isn’t feeling Tahiry’s energy.

Tahiry goes off.

Cyn walks up as Yandy has a conversation with Jonathan and Tahiry. It gets awkward fast and they discuss Erica trying to hook Tahiry and Joe back up. Jonathan and Tahiry end up arguing after Jonathan asks Tahiry to tell Cyn what Tahiry told him.

Tahiry storms off and calls Jonathan stupid. She then tells the camera crew to stop filming. It’s clear to the others that something is really going on with Tahiry and it probably has nothing to do with Joe.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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