‘Love And Hip Hop Miami’ Star Sukihana Calls out Shay & Emjay

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People have a lot to say about Amara La Negra’s relationship with Emjay. She decided to break up with him after his ex came on “Love And Hip Hop Miami” to accuse him of being a user.

Amara believed the accusations because she feels like he’s been leeching off of her.

Shay confronted Amara about this and questioned how she could trust what Emjay’s ex from ten years ago had to say. So Amara told Shay that she wanted a break from their friendship. Of course, this only angered Shay.

During the latest “Check Yourself,” Sukihana had some things to get off her chest about Shay and Emjay.

And she said the following:

Okay, well when are you going to talk to your ******* brother? The ***** don’t want to work cause Amara confirmed it, that he don’t want to work. *****, Amara not supposed to be paying all the ****** bills. She done moved your brother in her ******* house. *****, you need to be her ******* friend or go let him move with you, *****.

Let him move in, let him get a bunk bed in your ******* house, *****!

Check out the video below.

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