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RHOA Recap: Cynthia Calls out Kenya + Kenya & NeNe Drag Each Other in Greece

RHOA Season 12 Episode 18

Photo Credit: Bravo

Kenya still has reservations.

The morning after NeNe and Kenya have some tension at dinner, Kenya tells Kandi that she doesn’t think it’s a good time for them to hash things out. In a green screen interview, Kenya says she just doesn’t have time for the bull. And her love and hate relationship with NeNe has always been more hate than anything else from NeNe.

When the women get on the bus to head out for the day, Kandi invites them all to her upcoming baby shower. She’s thinking about inviting her surrogate Shadina. Kandi also tells the women that she may even keep in touch with Shadina and hire her to help run her restaurants. The other women aren’t so sure they would want to keep in touch with their surrogate.

Cynthia then reveals that she would have kids with Mike.

The women arrive at a restaurant that is about 100 feet in the air. NeNe is afraid of heights but decides to try to be a trooper about it. They literally eat while in the air.

Kenya comes for Cynthia.

When they start drinking some wine, Kenya keeps asking Cynthia questions about their wine and what she would pair it with. She calls out Cynthia when she says she would pair Rosé with roasted chicken and seafood. The wine questions continue and it annoys everyone. But Kenya says that she wouldn’t sell something she doesn’t know anything about, so that’s why she has hair products.

Regardless, Cynthia says that she’s not worried about Kenya’s shade. NeNe thinks Cynthia is being a coward though.

Later, the ladies go shopping. They then go smash some plates. Each woman is supposed to say what she’s passionate about before smashing a plate.

Kenya checks a producer.

While Porsha and Tanya are trying on bracelets, they talk about how Kenya challenged Cynthia on her wine expertise at dinner. They feel this was shady. Kenya goes off when a producer asks what’s the difference between Kenya shading Cynthia about her wine expertise and Tanya showing off her wig. The producer feels both could be considered sabotaging someone else’s business. In response to this, Kenya says the situations are not the same and she will walk off if she’s asked questions like this.

Porsha and Tanya talk to Cynthia.

When the women get back to their villa, Porsha and Tanya go to Cynthia’s room and gift her a bracelet that is supposed to fend off bad spirits. They then tell Cynthia that they think Kenya was being shady at dinner. And she’s not respectful to other people’s businesses even though she thought Tanya was coming for hers with the wig.

But Cynthia feels Kenya was just joking.

Porsha and Tanya disagree, and they say Kenya shouldn’t be coming for Cynthia’s wine cellar. Cynthia admits that Kenya wouldn’t like it if Cynthia did this to her.

Porsha misses her friendship with NeNe.

The next day, the women head to a wine tour. While the women are on the bus, they talk about relationships. Marlo wants a well-established man so they can have a partnership. And Kandi says Todd came to the table making about $100,000. But he was very ambitious and she could see it. So now they make millions together.

NeNe talks about the ups and downs of her marriage. And she says a man can love his wife and still cheat. And it’s important to get brutally honest when things get rough. In a green screen interview, Porsha says this is what she misses about her friendship with NeNe. There are times when she needs NeNe’s honest relationship advice.

NeNe and Porsha hash things out.

When the women arrive for the wine tour, Porsha tells their guide that Cynthia has her own wine cellar. The guide says that he can put her in touch with some contacts he has in Atlanta. In a green screen interview, Porsha says she’ll do whatever possible to help Cynthia because she’s a real friend to her.

After they taste some wine, Porsha pulls NeNe to the side to talk.

Although Porsha was hurt by what NeNe said about her weight after she had PJ, she’s ready to hash things out. NeNe understands that she crossed the line. Porsha genuinely loves NeNe but that’s the most hurtful thing anyone has ever done to her in the group.

This brings NeNe to tears. In a green screen interview, NeNe says that she’s been through postpartum too. And she was wrong for what she said.

She apologizes to Porsha and admits that she was not handling Gregg’s cancer battle well. So she lashed out at everyone.

Both women cry and then hug each other.

Tanya and Porsha catch up.

When the ladies go out for a bite to eat, Porsha tells Tanya about her conversation with NeNe. She proposes they have a light lemon squeeze so everyone can hash out their issues and move forward.

They tell the other women about this and say they must leave all the issues they discuss behind in Greece. Kenya is not thrilled about this and believes this will get messy quickly.

Things start off positive.

At the lemon squeeze, the rule is to take the crown and place it on someone’s head and ask them a question. Porsha and NeNe are first, Porsha reveals she’s patched things up with NeNe. Kenya is not impressed.

Cynthia puts the crown on Kenya’s head. She brings up the shade thrown at dinner. She admits that it did bother her.

Kenya says she was just being silly and fun. She apologizes and says that they are sisters. She respects Cynthia’s businesses. As they hug it out, NeNe is not impressed. She says that Cynthia would never give her a pass if she did what Kenya did.

Tension thickens. 

This leads to Kenya and NeNe clashing. After NeNe calls Kenya a b*tch, Kenya calls her out. NeNe dares Kenya to do something about it. She’s ready to put hands on Kenya if need be.

Tanya and Porsha try to calm everything down. Cynthia then takes the crown and gives it to NeNe. But NeNe doesn’t feel like talking. Kenya gets irritated and calls NeNe bipolar.

But NeNe claps back and says Marc left Kenya because she’s the bipolar one.

All the women try to stop the argument at this point since it was said that no one would throw Kenya’s strained marriage in her face during the trip.

Kenya says NeNe is ugly on the inside and outside. NeNe says that Marc doesn’t even like Kenya. And she needs new booty implants.

The women are finally able to get things back on track. Kenya gives the crown to Tanya and thanks her for being kind to her despite their past situation.

NeNe and Kenya go at it.

Kenya apologized for calling Tanya the C-word, but Tanya didn’t apologize for the showing off Kenya’s wig. Tanya says she didn’t apologize because she felt like Kenya deserved it for bringing the cookie lady accusations to the group. But she realizes she was wrong and apologizes. However, Kenya needs to understand that people care about their partner’s reputations more than their businesses.

NeNe says a married woman should never do what Kenya did.

Kenya gets mad and tells NeNe to shut up. They argue again and NeNe threatens to beat Kenya up. As she stands up, the episode ends on a cliffhanger.

What are your thoughts on the episode?


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