‘Friends & Family Hustle’ Recap: LeToya’s Husband Mourns + Toya is Glad YFN Lucci is Out

Friends And Family Hustle Season 3 Episode 1
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Tiny and TI are in a great place.

TI and Tiny are preparing for three of the kids to leave the nest. The couple is in a much better place and they have really been in love with each other. TI is thankful that people were able to see them survive their darkest moments as a couple.

Neek Neek, Deja, and Messiah are gaining their independence. And Heiress already knows she wants to be a firefighter when she grows up.

Monica is sick of the gossip.

Monica does a radio interview with V-103. Her friends were shocked by her divorce. And because she didn’t say much about why she’s divorcing from Shannon, a lot of rumors have been going around. This angers Monica. There’s no truth to any of the rumors.

But the change has been huge for the kids. So it’s important to take things slow.

She’s disappointed her marriage didn’t work out. But she’s proud they lasted for nine years.

LeToya and Tommi have things to work out.

LeToya and Tommi are enjoying being new parents to Baby Gigi. They have been having communication issues though after Tommi’s mother passed away from cancer. LeToya thinks they should get a nanny to help things out. It’s been hard for Tommi as he mourns his mother.

So conversations have been very tense lately. And LeToya is at her limit. She just wants Tommi to be gentle in delivery when he’s communicating with her.

Red and Toya have made a lot of progress.

Toya and Red bought a new house together. It’s a huge step for them. But Red is tired of shopping for things for the new house.

Reginae is finally done with YFN Lucci. She doesn’t think he respected her like he used to at the beginning of the relationship. And his behavior at a cucumber party was the last straw.

While she was in love with Lucci, she feels like she’s in a much healthier place without him.

Jashae, Toya’s niece, has been living with them. She’s the daughter of Toya’s deceased brother, Josh. So Toya has been trying to stay on top of Jashae’s school work. She had a good first day of school. And Toya is thankful that Red has been okay with Jashae moving in.

When it comes to marriage, Toya is much more open to it than she’s ever been. She really loves Red.

Major is on Tiny’s mind.

Tiny worries about Major since King is doing his own thing and Precious passed away. So Tiny wonders about what things Major can get involved in like cooking and karate. But TI doesn’t think it’s a good idea to force Major into any hobby. However, Tiny says Major won’t find out what he likes if he doesn’t try different things.

Toya and LeToya catch up.

They discuss Tommi’s grieving process. LeToya says it’s hard to deal with his moments of anger. Toya gets it and says that sometimes you take your pain out on the people closest to you.

While counseling could help, LeToya knows Tommi may not be open to it. And LeToya doesn’t want to do or say the wrong things. It’s really hard for her to navigate.

But Toya tells her to just take it one day at a time.

JD is ready to work with Monica.

Monica is back in the studio with Jermaine Dupri. Despite her split from Shannon, she still wants to make love music. And she still has no interest in telling the public why the marriage is ending. But she’s ready to make some new music with JD and focus on her career.

Major shines.

King and Major go to a karate class together. Both are able to break a board, so TI and Tiny are proud of them. Tiny is still hoping they can figure out Major’s passion soon.

Tommi has an emotional birthday.

LeToya opens up to her mom about Tommi. She admits that it’s been really tough as he grieves his mother.  So sometimes she takes a step back when he needs her the most.

But they have some loved ones come over to celebrate Tommi’s birthday.

It’s a bittersweet day for him.

LeToya gifts him a necklace that has a picture of him and his mother. The inscription on the back makes him emotional.

The couple goes outside to talk and LeToya suggests counseling. But Tommi says he needs a little time for that.

Toya is happy Reginae is done with Lucci.

Toya and Monica talk about Reginae’s breakup with Lucci. Apparently, Lil Wayne had a lot to say to Reginae about it all. Red also had advice for Reginae as well. But Toya is happy that Reginae’s time with Lucci is over.

When it comes to Toya’s relationship, she’s hoping Red still wants to get married.

Monica wants to try new things now that she’s in a new chapter in her life. Wellness is her focus and she’s even interested in hot yoga. She’s ready to have some adventures.

LeToya could be pregnant.

Tommi and LeToya get nervous before LeToya takes a pregnancy test. LeToya isn’t sure it’s the right time for another baby. And Tommi hopes they have a boy.

The episode ends on a cliffhanger before they get the results of the test.

What are your thoughts on the episode?


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