GUHH Recap: Briana & Egypt Clash at Lil Twist’s Pajama Party + Twist Gets a Surprise

GUHH Season 5 Episode 17
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Angela’s frustrated about all the questions about Bow Wow.

The episode begins with Angela in LA working on Bow Wow’s tour wardrobe with her friends Erin and Katrina. Bow Wow calls to check-in. After the call, they watch Angela’s interview with Justin Says. Justin asks about Bow Wow and Lil Romeo, which annoys her. She’s known him since 17 and they are genuine friends.

Katrina asks if she would date Bow Wow again. Angela says she’d consider it and Erin can see it.

Erin brings up that Angela and Bow Wow have great chemistry with one another. Angela’s not surprised to hear Erin say this.

Dame Dash is released from jail.

Back in New York, Dame’s a free man. During an interview, he mentions he hasn’t seen his kids in six years and he’s being crucified. Dame cleared his warrants and tells the reporters to never call him broke again. In the limo, he’s venting to Rocky about his treatment in jail and how Boogie’s not loyal.

Egypt and Tee Tee’s relationship is strained.

After their conversation, Egypt and Tee Tee are on the beach with Shawn and Tyran. Egypt’s sad because she feels no one is supportive of Sam. She’s also frustrated Tee Tee didn’t tell her about the pregnancy sooner. Apparently, Tee Tee felt like she can’t trust Sam. She also won’t apologize for trying to ruin Sam’s proposal. Maureen joins them a little later and they all group hug.

The next day, Tee and Shawn are on the beach for their pregnancy photoshoot. Before the shoot, Tee Tee wants to let Shawn know that the clock’s ticking regarding Shawn proposing, especially since they are having a kid. Apparently, their pregnancy occurred due to their ovulation/cycle app giving wrong data.

Briana warns Twist.

Back in LA, Briana and Twist are hanging out before the pajama party later the night. Twist’s walking Briana through the venue for the tour and Twist lets Briana know Sam’s invited. However, Romeo wasn’t invited. Briana’s also bringing a date and Twist’s hopeful Ava Dash shows up. She also warns Twist to make sure that Sam stays out of her way from talking to Egypt.

Speaking of Egypt, she returned home to her apartment and she’s greeted by Sam. She recaps everything that occurred in Jamaica and how she felt ambushed. Sam’s bummed out about not going to Jamaica to defend Egypt. When Egypt tells Sam about Tee Tee’s pregnancy, he laughs and brings up how Tee Tee’s hypocritical. He brings up how Tee Tee was concerned about Sam getting Egypt pregnant and they were together for 3 years. On the other hand, Shawn and Tee Tee are dating for less than a year before she got pregnant.

Sam then brings up Twist’s party. Egypt brings up how she’s been engaged in a Twitter war of sorts with Briana because she noticed Briana talking greasy about Sam and her on the app. She warns Sam that “Trepa” will appear if Briana doesn’t step to her correctly.

Ava surprises Twist.

It’s the night of the party and Twist is ready to get the party going. He’s walking around enjoying the party, flirting and being friendly with everyone. The cast trickles in slowly with Boogie showing up first. Twist greets everyone happily as they come in.

Briana’s on her way with her date and is warning her about Sam and Egypt. She calls her date sexy in her green screen interview. Bow Wow and Angela show up at the same time and JoJo cracks jokes about them coming together as a date.

Boogie, later on, warns Twist to be on his best behavior if Ava shows up to the party. Meanwhile, JoJo and Tanice put pressure on Angela and Bow Wow for showing up “together” at the party. Next, Twist’s world is rocked when Ava finally shows up to the party. He playfully faints for a moment, then regains his composure to give Ava and her friend a hug.

Ava lets it be known that Twist is always sliding in his DMs and responding to her IG posts and tweets.

Briana and Egypt clash.

Eventually, Briana shows up with her date. She introduced her date as her “wife.” Eric shows up too but his wife doesn’t make an appearance. Later on, Briana changed into a unicorn onesie, and thanks to Angela for their talk earlier in the season.

Finally, Egypt and Sam show up with their entourage and they don’t seem to be in the requested attire, including Egypt who’s wearing a black hoodie. Egypt sits at the table with Angela and Briana and things get awkward quickly. Angela immediately notices something is off and leaves the table.

When Angela leaves, Briana brings up how Egypt is guarded and ready to fight. Egypt tells Briana that she’s defending Sam. Briana throws a curveball introducing Lexa, her wife to Egypt. But the argument ensues as they get back talking about Sam. From a distance, Sam’s talking to Tanice and hoping Egypt doesn’t go over to the dark side.

Briana tells Egypt everything she learned but Egypt says she learned all of it, including why Sam lived in his car. She says she knows an opportunist when she sees one and is offended they feel Sam is someone like that.

When Briana tells Egypt that she’s not the girl she met, the both begin talking with their hands. Egypt says she’s tired of Briana bullying her and blames her for ruining the engagement party. Things escalate even further when Briana says Sam ruined the party, turning it into her coming out party.

The episode ends when both ladies stand up and get in each other’s faces.

The cast dishes after the episode.

After the episode aired, Twist and Briana recap what happened with Eric. Eric says Sam was walking around the house excited that Egypt slugged Briana. Twist says Sam encouraged Egypt. Despite what happened, Briana still has Egypt’s back. However, Briana says Egypt took advantage of someone who was drinking tequila for 16 hours straight.

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