‘Friends & Family Hustle’ Star Deyjah Harris’ Mom Calls TI out for His Hypocrisy

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When it comes to TI, he’s no stranger to controversy. However, that will not stop him from speaking his mind. And on “Friends And Family Hustle,” he does just that. As fans get a closer glimpse of how he is as a father and husband, many opinions are expressed on social media. And to no surprise, TI opened up about the controversy surrounding his comments about his daughter Deyjah Harris.

On the latest episode, it was revealed that TI discussed taking Deyjah to the gynecologist.

For him, this was necessary to make sure she isn’t having sex. And he wants to make sure her hymen is still there.

Deyjah was devastated that TI would discuss this while he appeared on the “Ladies Likes Us” podcast. She felt violated.

Deyjah told her cousins that TI has been taking her to the gynecologist since she was about 14 years old. While she’s never been comfortable with this, she’s never felt like she could say no.

TI’s mom Latrice was livid. When she confronted TI, he claimed he had to do this because Deyjah tried to sneak out of the house to see a boy.

However, Latrice isn’t the only one who isn’t here for TI’s parenting method. In fact, Deyjah’s mom, Ms. Niko, calls out TI on the upcoming episode.

She seemingly makes an appearance on TI’s podcast, “Expeditiously,” and they discuss the situation. Ms. Niko believes TI is being unfair.

She says, “It’s a bit misogynistic.”

And when TI asks how, she says, “Because do you do the same for your son?”

Check out the clip of Deyjah’s emotional reaction to TI’s controversial confession below.

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