‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ Star Miss Kitty Calls out Ryan Henry for Not Having Her Back

Black Ink Crew Chicago Ryan Henry
Photo Credit: VH1

“Black Ink Crew Chicago” will return this month and everyone will be tested by the Covid-19 pandemic. The shops will close and Charmaine will be forced to give birth during the quarantine.

Kitty and Ryan’s friendship has been a major source of contention on “Black Ink Crew” and “Black Ink Crew Chicago.” This season seems to be no different and Kitty’s seemingly over it.

Previously, Ceaser was furious when Sky asked Kitty in front of the 113th shop if she slept with Ryan. Although she denied this, Ceaser believed the rumor.

As a result, Kitty was fired by Ceaser and his friendship with Ryan was tested. Kitty’s friendships with Donna, Yung Bae and Tati were dashed. Kitty and Yung Bae also nearly came to blows during a heated conversation.

Well, a new season of “Black Ink Crew Chicago” premieres this Monday and Kitty returns. However, she’s not happy with Ryan at all. She’s been dealing with quite a bit of backlash. Some fans feel Kitty betrayed Ceaser and have been bashing her online for it. And she feels as if Ryan didn’t have her back.

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