‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ Star Miss Kitty Calls out Ryan Henry for Not Having Her Back

Black Ink Crew Chicago Miss Kitty
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Ryan makes some controversial hires.

“Black Ink Crew Chicago” returns on Monday. In a preview of the season premiere, Ryan Henry has his 9 Mag shop humming on all cylinders. His crew also went through some changes.

Ryan re-hired Bella to work at 9 Mag. At the end of last season, Bella let him know it was hard for her after she was fired. He fired her along with Charmaine and Van when he revamped the shop at the end of season 5.

Draya was also hired by Ryan. Draya was first at 2nd City Ink with Charmaine. But Draya and Charmaine clashed after Charmaine failed to get the proper documentation for her shop. Ryan noted that hiring Draya will likely cause friction between him and Charmaine.

Ashley kicked Don out.

When we last saw Ashley and Don, things weren’t well between them. Ashley got so furious with Don, she kicked him out of the house. Before he left, he received a note from Ashley, letting him know she wanted out.

As a way to better himself and to begin working on his relationship, Don’s on a personal journey of spiritual enlightenment. This includes meditation, crystals, and burning sage at 9 Mag. This annoys Phor as Don moved in with him.

Miss Kitty claims Ryan didn’t have her back.

Kitty’s frustrated with Ryan. So frustrated, she stops by 9 Mag to talk. She’s annoyed with the backlash she’s received on the internet. People are blaming her for the rift between Ceaser and Ryan on “Black Ink Crew New York” last season, and she doesn’t appreciate Ryan not having her back.

She says, “It’s pretty unfair that I’m getting ridiculed on social media for something that has nothing do do with me. Now I see, we’re friends when it’s convenient for you.”

She shocks Ryan and all of 9 Mag when she walks into the shop to confront him.

“Black Ink Crew Chicago” premieres Monday, July 6th at 8 PM on VH1.

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