‘Married to Medicine’ Star Mariah Huq Plans to Sue + Makes Shocking Accusations About Producers

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Mariah thinks drug allegations were used to remove her.

“Married to Medicine” star Mariah Huq had a lot to say during her latest interview.

At this point, she does not think she will receive a contract for season 8. And her last contract has officially expired, so she’s ready to put it all on the table.

During an interview with the Jasmine Brand via Instagram Live, Mariah touched on the drug allegations made by Quad Webb. She said, “I thought that was horrible. And that’s one of my complaints about the network and I feel like the entire pretense of the show is to diminish me as an Executive Producer, to denounce me and make sure they don’t include me. I thought that the drug allegations were just a little too far. That’s when I knew that they were really trying to…not only were they trying to push me out. They were trying to tarnish my reputation and make sure I could not work in Hollywood.”

She added, “It’s already hard as a black woman in this business. I’ve never done drugs before in my life and the fact that they would allow someone to make those allegations and do it on air…make those allegations, follow that story when they knew they were false, I just thought it was horrible. And that just gives credence to what I’m saying. Why would they allow that? And now, not getting a contract? I believe they knew they were trying to push me out all along. I just didn’t get the memo. I just didn’t know it.”

Mariah believes Quad should have been disciplined.

Mariah also didn’t think it’s fair that Phaedra Parks was fired from “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” but Quad received no discipline. She said, “I feel like it was a double standard. I thought it was a double standard. And when people were calling for the firing of Quad, I wanted the other Executive Producers to take drug tests. I’ll be honest with you because I felt like it wasn’t about the cast at that point. As a black woman, I worked hard to be where I am, and I will not lose it all on drugs or anything like that. I felt like they were really attacking everything I’ve built. And it bothered me.”

She also didn’t like that Quad was allowed to do interviews about the accusations, “So I thought it was a double standard because they didn’t hold her accountable. And not only did they not hold her accountable, they allowed her to do media interviews saying that I showed up to work on drugs. Now why would they allow her to say that? They later retracted the story from OK Magazine but for me, that let me know you know what, this production company is really out for blood. Cause why would they allow that?”

Purveyors of Pop is called out.

Mariah made it clear that her issue isn’t with Bravo, “It’s not necessarily Bravo that I’m going against. It’s the production company. But it’s Bravo that has the control and the power to change things and have the obligation and responsibility to step in and say this is wrong and we will not be complicit in you discriminating against this young lady whether it’s because of her title, her gender, her religion, or whatever it is.”

Mariah plans to sue.

When asked why she doesn’t have power as the creator of the show and EP, she said, “I’m supposed to be able to. Typically you are. The situation is different with me because even in my contract, I’m supposed to have a reasonable amount of creative control.”

Mariah also has plans to sue, “I’m working on it. I’m working on it.”

The latest shocking allegation made by Mariah is not being allowed to wear a hijab, “As the first African American woman to create a franchise, nobody should ever have to go through what I’ve been through with these people. They have treated me horribly to the extinct of not even allowing me to wear a hijab when I wanted to do my confessionals, when we go on trips.”

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